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Which iphone - is there actually much difference between 4 and 4S?

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breatheslowly Fri 16-Aug-13 22:48:34

I'm a Siri fan. It is more useful than I thought as I use it to dictate texts, set reminders and alarms and phone people.

andadietcoke Fri 16-Aug-13 22:39:54

Chances are in September when the new models come out they'll do away with the 4, if not the 4s as well - this may well be why there are good deals available at the moment.

iOS 7 will also be out then too, and there will be some features that will only work on the iPhone 5 and above, and some that will only work on the iPhone 4S and above, so I'd go for the latest model you can. The price of the 5 is likely to come down when the new models are announced too.

PassTheCremeEggs Fri 16-Aug-13 22:35:05

The quality of the camera is a big difference between the two - 5 mega pixels on iphone 4 and 8 mega pixels on 4S. I broke my 4S and am borrowing a 4 until I can upgrade again and the difference in photo quality is definitely noticeable.

FormaLurka Fri 16-Aug-13 22:24:39

When the 4 came out there was the thing about dropped calls. If you hold the iPhone a certain way it interferes with the reception. I seem to recall Apple offering discounted cases to get around the problem.

SoupDragon Fri 16-Aug-13 20:23:19

I like the screen size on the iPhone. DS1 has a Galaxy and it is monstrous. Personal taste.

(Putting photos on an iPad is a piece of cake with the camera kit - plug in the sd card and job done)

missnevermind Fri 16-Aug-13 20:20:07

If you are still after the iPhone. EE are doing a special this weekend on the iPhone 4.
£15 a month and the phone for free

SixtyFootDoll Tue 13-Aug-13 08:10:23

I'm not very techy, I have an I phone 4 and it does everything I need. Is faster Internet than on my iPad .

niceguy2 Tue 13-Aug-13 08:06:31

You don't need antivirus on an iphone. Not unless you are going to jailbreak it and even then I'd argue you don't need it but the reasons are more complex. In You don't need it.

There'll always be another iphone out soon. If you want to get the 4S then now's as good a time as any. But if you waited then may be able to get a 5 slightly cheaper.

The biggest problem I have with the iphone 4/4S really is the screensize. It really is piddly by modern standards.

I used to be a BIG Apple fan but honestly Samsung/Android have surpassed them in practically every way. I recently returned from my honeymoon where my Samsung phone did everything! I mean I even downloaded TV shows using Bittorrent sat on the beach using the hotel wifi! The ipad...that was a nightmare. I couldn't put anything on it. DW wanted to put some of the holiday photos on to show her gran on the way back. We couldn't do it. You know what my solution was? I went and bought a cheap Android tablet!

TiaTheTulipFairy Mon 12-Aug-13 23:06:41

Thanks all, plenty food for thought. DH just says basically any new phone is going to be better than what I've got, and iphones are excellent. I take the point about newer models being a bit faster etc. and just read on the current iphone thread in chat that there may be two new models coming out shortly. So possibly worth waiting, if only to see whether prices on current models drop?

Now, with all these complicated phones, is there any need for extra security/antivirus etc? Is the iphone generally more secure than the android ones?

missnevermind Mon 12-Aug-13 22:45:07

Oh no I love Siri. I have the 4s and I bought Mum the 4. The only difference we have found is Siri.

I talk most of my typing and nearly all of my texts. And Siri types it out for me.

niceguy2 Mon 12-Aug-13 22:38:14

The main thing the 4S does better is speed. The 4 is/was quite a sluggish phone. It was fine when it first came out but soon just crawled and slow as anything. It drove me nuts.

The 4S is significantly faster and more in keeping with a modern phone.

Of course the 4S was also the first Apple phone to support Siri. That's more a gimmick than anything useful. I've not heard anyone use it longer than the first week of getting it.

As a general rule it's always better to get the latest Apple phone. Just means it will go out of date later.

So in short, which phone should you get? The Iphone 4 or the 4S?? Well it's pretty clear to me. The phone you should get is the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Mon 12-Aug-13 15:03:15

Don't know much about the technical side but there's not much difference between the 4 and the 5, never mind the 4 and 4s. I'd go straight to a 5 if I were you. It's a bit more powerful, but that's about it.

TiaTheTulipFairy Mon 12-Aug-13 14:55:23

Just that really. What does the 4S do better, and as a fairly non-technically-inclined person is it worth the extra cost or is the 4 basically perfectly good enough?

Also does one need any sort of anti-virus on these phones and if so what is recommended?

Thanks in advance

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