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DS wants to learn programming....where to start??

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mcmooncup Wed 07-Aug-13 10:43:32

He's 11 and 'one of those techy types' and I have no qualms in thinking he'd cope with learning pretty cool stuff.....I just don't know where to start?!

Is there anyone out there who has similar techy type dc who have wanted to start learning quite young? What's the best route?

Any advice appreciated

GooseyLoosey Wed 07-Aug-13 11:59:03

Ds started to learn at around 8. Dh put "scratch" on a computer for him and he started with that. It's a bit like programming in basic - quite straight forward. It's fairly limited in what you can do, but it gave ds a basic insight into how a programming language works. He then started to learn Java programming use BlueJ which (as I understand it) is an interactive Java learning environment.

MrsHoarder Wed 07-Aug-13 12:07:03

Second Scratch as a starter. If he enjoys that then you can think about installing an IDE for Phython or similar and get him a book on programming for beginners.

Or if he's more into robotics and its his birthday soon, maybe look at getting some lego mindstorm. Disclaimer: I haven't used this so can't recommend it.

NatashaBee Wed 07-Aug-13 12:10:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InMySpareTime Wed 07-Aug-13 12:16:06

We use scratch on the Raspberry Pi. You can plug the Pi into the TV via the HDMI socket, and plug an Ethernet cable in to access the Internet. If you live near London, you could send DS on a FireTech camp (google it) to learn coding over a week.

TariffHound Wed 07-Aug-13 13:50:22

Great tips about Scratch and FireTech camps! I want to try these with my daughter to see if she would like to learn coding.

flatmum Wed 07-Aug-13 13:52:11

was also going to second a Rasberry Pi - have just got one for my 8y old

indignatio Wed 07-Aug-13 13:55:23

I would also recommend Scratch and also For the latter he will need to register with an email address.

mcmooncup Wed 07-Aug-13 15:46:08

Wow thanks guyssmile
I will look at everything recommended

propitia Wed 07-Aug-13 15:57:23

Also check out for free programming courses for under 18's across the whole country. They run a nationwide festival of code, totally funded, the first full week of August every year, and next year it will be across Europe apparently.

Kidsloft Fri 09-Aug-13 15:33:43

code academy is great

juule Fri 09-Aug-13 15:40:34

MinnieTM Sun 14-May-17 14:43:48

I'm considering sending my 12 year old DS on a fire tech residential camp , anyone have any feedback , thoughts ? Wondered if it would mainly be older teens Thanks

BrieAndChilli Sun 14-May-17 14:56:37

DS1 started going to a coding club at the local library when he was 8, it was initially for 9 and over but they have since changed it to 11 and over but have allowed him to keep going, he absolutly loves it and they do loads of stuff - programme robotic arms, make little robots, and are now currently creating a new messaging app between them.

He had a Kano last year for his birthday

MinnieTM Sun 14-May-17 17:22:51

Thank you BrieAndChilli all a bit beyond me 😀 Think I need to book on a course. I think your DS may be too young for the residential course I have seen. It does state 12-17 I wondered if it was mainly older teens who went. Thanks again

Pinkjellybeans Sat 20-May-17 21:59:36

I've just started on treehouse, it's absolutely Brilliant! You earn badges and points, the videos are short and explain things in a really nice way.

Achoopichu Sat 20-May-17 22:00:39

Is there a raspberry pi club in your area?

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