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I'm losing the plot! Anyone use Open Office?

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Cindy34 Thu 18-Jul-13 22:25:50

I have not used BASE, so alas no idea.

Maybe try going through a tutorial so you are sure you have created the database correctly.

Some links to tutorials

courgetteDOTcom Thu 18-Jul-13 21:59:57

Let's see. I made a database in open office and now it won't let me type anything into it, make a record. Not sure what else is to say? It has no blank record to type into. What more am I missing? confusedhmm

Insufficent data for meaningful answer.

courgetteDOTcom Thu 18-Jul-13 12:47:08

A friend of mine suggested I try it as we're down to one laptop at the moment and it only has Office Starter on it and as I am the editor of a magazine (with a deadline scaring me) I need a bit more than just word and excel.

I've been working on a list of businesses in our area for the magazine, I've made a database but I can't actually put the information into the database.

I've been using Microsoft Office for about 16/17 years and made hundreds of databases in my time, so I can't work out what I could possibly be missing that's stopping me inputting information into this.

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