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Insurance with a new phone?

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HomeEcoGnomist Mon 15-Jul-13 20:43:00

I've always had v unfashionable handsets, so not bothered with insurance in the past (always had an old Nokia kicking around if needed, and not a prolific loser anyway)

...but I've just got an iPhone 4 and wondering whether I need to consider it. CPW sold me their package (2week cooling off so I figured I'd check contents insurance first)

I though £12/mth was really steep....but then looked at the price of a replacement iPhone shock

So, what do people do in general. Am considering taking the basic level of cover from home insurance and then basically self insuring. Any pressing reason to take specific phone insurance that I am missing? I am always sceptical of the shop policy, assuming it's really overpriced and another way to make money...

caroldecker Mon 15-Jul-13 20:57:27

much cheaper here or try money supermarket.
I have never had it, saved myself well over the cost of a new phone over the years

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