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Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn Beta

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Isesgirl Sat 13-Jul-13 09:27:57

If you're still checking this thread I have an embarrassing admission.... I DID have the beta keys all along, I forgot I'd applied on my other email address! blush.

I've been running aroundthe game since Wednesday and it does look extremely pretty, much improved from the original. I'm a bit "hmmm.." about how far into the screen the quest text runs but I'm sure I'll find a way to get rid of it when I get time to fiddle about.

I'm aiming for Hyperion server for the actual game as most of my friends from FF11's Linkshell are going there. Can't decide whether to port my version 1 character over or just start a new one... that decision will be made tonight, once the children are asleep, with the aid of a can of Scrumpy Jack! I might even call my secondary character that! :D

Isesgirl Wed 03-Jul-13 12:26:51

Thank you SO much for the offer, that's really kind of you. Sadly, I will be spending the next two weekends helping my parents move house - with twin five year olds in tow as my other half is working away in London! Should be marginally more fun than making the run from Windurst to Jeuno at level 5 with no sneak oils! smile

My other friends that have been lucky enough to get beta keys say the game is VASTLY improved from the old version and VERY gripping like you say.

Ah well, good job it doesn't come out PROPERLY until the end of the summer holidays otherwise my poor twins would spend a LOT of time on the trampoline! XD

Oh that's a shame that you didn't get an invite although I have a spare code for the PC version if you want it? There's two more weekends of beta testing. PM me and I'll send it. We ended up with a couple as me and my DSs (but not my DH much to our amusement and his displeasure) all got invites for it.

It is horribly addictive - I've spent far too much time on there already. I did that with WoW when we first started playing it and I had to cold turkey it and don't play any more. FF is easier to play in short bursts (or I have better self control!) so I'm looking forward to playing it properly - it's a bit frustrating that all the work and levelling up I'm doing now will all be for nothing in the end, but at least it's good practise!

Isesgirl Tue 02-Jul-13 13:17:48

I'm really disappointed that I haven't yet been selected for this. Had the original game, had FFXIII, both of which were supposed to "bump you up" the list a little on the applicants for beta testing.

I know a few people who are getting invites every weekend, one after the other and two people who applied but have never even played a FF game (other than watching me). I know I'm just carping because I'm so desperate to give it a go but it is frustrating when you've supported a franchise for so long and can't get in and others, who've done nothing, can.

Still, not much longer until proper release, after which time Mumsnet will become but a distant memory of something I used to do online lol.

Spent about five years on FFXI, WHM-ing my way around Vana, can't wait to get back to it.

I hope you have tons of fun there! :D

Bumping because I posted this rather late last night...

I know there's some hardcore WoW gamers on here, but I wondered if any MNers were doing the FF Beta at all? Next testing period starts tomorrow at 10am and I'm planning on spending a good few hours randomly wandering around trying to remember which buttons do what and occasionally get the rage at casual gender stereotyping grin

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