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Windows 8 - Is it really that bad?

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tungthai Mon 24-Jun-13 21:31:52

I'm looking for a new laptop for under £400, most of the models I have looked at are Acer models. The only downside is that they all come with Windows 8 and the reviews of Windows 8 are very negative.

I had a laptop once with Vista on it and I hated it with a passion. I'm not that technical and like computers to be user friendly. I'm
happy with Windows XP and also like my iPhone.

Is it worth considering?

chateauferret Thu 11-Jul-13 17:23:27

SIL has it on a new PC and it drives her potty. It looks like shite as well. She asks me for help and I'm a techy but it still baffles me. I got it on a new laptop in December and immediately dumped it in favour of Ubuntu.

But then I find Windoze 7 bad enough, work forces me to use it. I'll probably have to resign when they "upgrade" to Windoze 8.

I think you can now get GUI shells which replace the provided interface with something nearly useable though (Swappable window managers giving different interfaces have been standard on Linux platforms since nineteen-canteen).

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