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help save my dh - restoring iphone settings

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scattergun Sun 23-Jun-13 21:08:05

My dh tried to download photos from my iPhone onto his computer and seems to have cloned my phone so it now looks like his. Despite 24 hours of berating, he had been unable to increase his chances of enjoying another 24 hours without berating by undoing the changes. My phone still looks like his. I have gone to itunes but am only offered music. Can anyone talk me through the restoration of my photos, messages and everything else in a really simple way?

AnotherFullTimeDad Mon 24-Jun-13 14:28:32

iPhones have two backup methods built into them. The question is were any active just before the phone got "converted/wiped".

One method it iCloud, where all the data on the phone is backed up online into your Apple account. Try to login at and also lookup online how to recover.

The other is Backups that might exist in the Itunes that you last successfully connected to (i.e. iTunes registered with your email address not his.). In the iTunes preferences, under Devices, there should be a list of backups available.

Start looking at those two routes and see if that helps you find a backup to restore from.

scattergun Mon 24-Jun-13 17:48:49

Thanks, AnotherFullTimeDad. I hadn't backed up through iCloud and iTunes seemed to do nothing to change what was on my phone. I had backed up my photos until a week or so ago and my calendar, contacts, emails etc had synced with my laptop and have re-synced themselves. I've lost my messages and have had to reset to all my preferences. I've decided to leave it at that for now with my phone and have learned from my experiences and have set iCloud for auto-backup just in case my dh touches my phone again.

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