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Email spam filter for android phone?

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Bramshott Fri 21-Jun-13 10:08:23

Thanks AnotherDad - yes, I did think of gmail as one solution, but I tend to use my regular email and gmail for quite different things (mainly newsletter-y type stuff on gmail) so it would require a radical rethink of how I organise!

Just wondered if there was another solution to the phone problem, but maybe there just isn't....

AnotherFullTimeDad Fri 21-Jun-13 01:54:31

PS - on your phone you will use the Gmail app, not the Mail app.
PPS - most of the setting up is done on the website Gmail, not on your phone

AnotherFullTimeDad Fri 21-Jun-13 01:53:13

I assume you are using an email address that isn't or I have several non-gmail accounts, but I have gmail account too. Gmail is very good at sifting out spam. They do it on their servers, so you don't need software on your PC or phone.

Here's what I would do, but it is a bit radical as it means abandoning Outlook (which is a big step for some!):

- Set up a gmail account
- Configure the gmail account to collect your email from your existing account(s)
- Configure gmail to send email via your existing email address
- Make sure your android phone is using the gmail address you have in its settings (usually in the guided setup pages from when you first setup the phone)
- In addition to mail, migrate your contacts and diary to gmail. They will all automatically sync and appear on your phone when you login using your gmail address
- Stop using outlook and use gmail, contacts, diary etc via your internet browser on your PC

Bramshott Thu 20-Jun-13 09:56:01

I get quite a lot of unpleasant spam to my email address (porn style titles etc) - this isn't a problem on my computer because the spam filter in outlook means I rarely see it.

However, there's no spam filter on my phone (Samsung Galaxy W) and there's definitely stuff coming in I wouldn't want my DDs to see. Anyone know of a way to get rid of/stop it landing in my inbox?

I use my email for (freelance) work so it's not simple to change my email address unfortunately...

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