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Friday Family App Roundup

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Fairyloo Fri 14-Jun-13 21:11:44

This is brill


Charleymouse Fri 14-Jun-13 16:54:11

Why thank you very much, will check some of these out this weekend.

WRT in app purchases dont forget to change your settings so your password is required every time you want to make a purchase.
Then the little fingers can't buy extra credits when password is still active from previous purchases.

TariffHound Fri 14-Jun-13 16:37:59

Hello Geeky Stuffers,
I've noticed that a common request in this forum is for family friendly app recommendations for our shiny new phones or tablets.

To help, I?ve pulled together a list of iPhone / iPad / Android app recommendations in case we need some new distraction this weekend.

I?ve split the list into three categories: All Ages, Under 10?s and Under 5?s.
Everything is family friendly, so no zombie game recommendations!

Many of these apps you may already know of, but hopefully you?ll find some new recommendations in here as well.

Let me know what other apps are a big hit in your house, and I?ll update the list each Friday so we?ve always got some fresh recommendations for the weekend.


Cut The Rope
Feed cute monster Om Nom by cutting ropes and guiding a sweet into his awaiting mouth. Physics based challenges that start very easily and ramp up to fiendish levels.
Kids love the expression on Om Nom?s face if you fail a challenge and he doesn?t get his sweet.
iPhone: (£0.69)
iPad: (£1.49)
Android: FREE

Draw Something
It?s like Pictionary. But on your phone or iPad. And you play against your friends. Great fun.
iPphone (£0.99) - Warning: in-app purchases available
iPad (£1.99) - Warning: in-app purchases available
Android: (£2.17)

Addictive puzzle game, involving connecting colored dots. Sounds boring actually good fun.
iPhone / iPad: Free (Warning: in app purchases available)
Android: N/A

A bit like a head-to-head Scrabble smackdown. Word based game pitting two players who try and defeat each other with their word prowess. Great reviews and feedback, 2013?s version of Draw Something.
iPhone / iPad: Free (Warning: in app purchases available)
Android: N/A

1. Minecraft
I don?t get Minecraft. Someday I need to sit down with an 8 year old and get them to explain it to me. Kids seem to love it though.
iPad: (£4.99)
iPhone: (£4.99)
Android: (£4.99)

2. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4
Secret confession: I?m the only person on the planet who hasn?t read or seen any Harry Potter. It?s about a hobbits right? I don?t know anything about that sort of stuff. Your kids will know all about it though. This ia a game with lego styled Potter folk. The iTunes ratings and feedback on this one are through the roof.
iPhone / iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

3. Bobo Explores Light
This is brilliant. Bobo is a friendly robot from outer space who wants to teach your child about science - namely the magic of light. It has gorgeous design style, it?s fun, and educational. Not surprisingly it has won a truckload of awards.
iPhone: N/A
iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

4. Fantastical Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore
Another multi-award winner that has broken new ground for children?s entertainment on an iPad. An whimsical animated story about the human passion for books and reading.
iPhone: N/A
iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

5. Bobo Explores Light
This is brilliant. Bobo is a friendly robot from outer space who wants to teach your child about science - namely the magic of light. It has gorgeous design style, it?s fun, and educational. Not surprisingly it has won a truckload of awards.
iPhone: N/A
iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

6. Stand O?Food.
Like being in your own demented version of a task from The Apprentice. Actually, it?s probably more like being in Ramsey?s Kitchen Nightmares, but without the shouting. Run a kitchen, plan the service, compile the meals and keep the punters happy. Good for kids as their is no violence and teaches importance of planning ahead. Expensive, but free trial versions are available to test out.
iPhone: £1.99
iPad: £2.99
Android: £1.97

7. Squeebles series (Squeebles Spelling Test, Times Tables: Squeebles, Squeebles Addition and subtraction.)
UK designed maths and spelling apps aligned to UK Key Stage levels. Help the friendly Squeebles and win badges by answering questions. Parents can access summary reports of where the child is succeeding or failing with with the different challenges.
iPhone / iPad: £0.69-£1.50
Android: £0.69-£1.50

8. Move the Turtle
Want your kids to make a fortune programming apps rather than playing them? Move The turtle is an entreating game that teaches kids the logic behind computer programming.
iPhone / iPad: £1.99
Android: N/A

1. Tozzle
Legendary must have apps for little ones. Animated jigsaw puzzle with accompanying sound effects.
iPhone: (£1.49)
iPad: (£1.99)
Android: N/A

2. Any app by Toca Boca
Tocca Bocca make a range a charming kids apps with a distinct visual style and sense of humour that little kids love.
They?re all good, but Toca Hair Salon, Toca Doctor and Toca Kitchen are special favorites in our house. Toca Band is fun but noisy repetitive music might drive you crazy. Toca Tea Party great for any kid that, well, is in to tea parties.
iPhone: (£1.49)
iPad: (£1.99)
Android: Currently only Toca Haircut (£1.27)

3. Any app by Duck Duck Moose
Another developer who makes a range of high quality kids apps. Wheels on the Bus, Old Macdonald, and Itsy Bitsy Spider were strong favourites of our daughter. Well know tunes a re coupled with stylish animated interactive graphics with a strong sense of humor running through the series.
iPhone: (£1.49)
iPad: (£1.99)
Android: Currently only Old Macdonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider (£1.27)

4. Nighty Night
Great bed time app for littlies. It?s bed time on the farm, and it?s time for the animals to go to bed on the barn. But who?s going to turn off their bedsite lights and say goodnight? Looks like your child has a job to do!
This app has won a series of awards around the world, and quite right too.
iPhone: £1.49
Android: Free?

5. Lego App4+
Build a lego car, then take it for a spin. Simple and entertaining, combining lego blocks and little people.
iPhone: Free
iPad: Free
Android: Free

6. Intro to Letters
A great app for getting kids familiar with letters and sounds.
Children trace letters, getting to know the shape and sound.
Very stylish, as features on iPad tv commercials.
iPhone / iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

7. Happy Babies
Great app for the real littlies (6m-18m). It?s a version of Peekaboo, with each of the mummy and daddy animals have little babies for the child to say hello to.
Made by the the Ladybird book people.
iPhone / iPad: £2.99
Android: N/A

8.Fruit Ninja
Really should sit in the ?Fun for all ages? category, but the under 5?s seem to especially love it. Fruit gets tossed into the air, and your job it to slice it in mid air with your finger.
iPhone: £0.69 (warning: in-app purchases available)
iPad: £1.49 (warning: in-app purchases available)

9. Color and Draw For Kids
Offers kids a combination of colouring-in exercises and drawing opportunities. Some colouring in books are included, others can be bought by in-app purchase.
iPhone: £0.69
Android: £1.31

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