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New smartphone for DS (11) - what do I do about Google account?

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oneofthegiantsisme Tue 11-Jun-13 16:15:11

My DS has been promised my old Wildfire now that I've got a shiny new phone.

I want him to be able to access Play to get (free) games, and anyway I seem to remember that it's essentially impossible to set up an Android phone without creating a Google account. What have other people done about this? Can I set up some sort of child account with restricted access?

I'm not planning to give Google my credit card details (never have for my own use), so I'm not worried about him running up bills!

PolterGoose Thu 20-Jun-13 09:25:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Thu 20-Jun-13 12:27:53

Yes, you need a Google account for the phone, do you have any specific concerns about doing that?

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