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imac virgin - please come and talk to me

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Anthracite Wed 12-Jun-13 18:42:31

We bought an imac a couple of weeks ago and agree that they are hard to get used to.

We thought at it would be intuitive like IOS devices, so I am a bit disappointed.

I bought an Idiot's Guide to Mountain Safari.

I have also had problems with Windows 8, so maybe it's just me getting old.

niceguy2 Wed 12-Jun-13 18:37:18

You can download the manual for your printer from the manufacturers website.

As for the box, it's asking for the iMac username and password. The one you set up. The one with admin rights. This is a good security feature when something is trying to install. Makes it a lot harder for malware to infect your shiny mac.

Dancergirl Wed 12-Jun-13 14:19:51

I have registered with Adobe but when I put my username and password into the install box, the box just shakes and nothing happens....

Dancergirl Wed 12-Jun-13 14:06:31

Also, one more thing - can I download Flash on an iMac?

Dancergirl Wed 12-Jun-13 13:14:19

Yes it's a new very thin one and can't see a slot on it!

I have a CD rom instruction manual for my new printer, how do I get round that?

niceguy2 Wed 12-Jun-13 12:57:12

If you have one of the latest imac's (ie. the very thin ones) then they no longer have a CD slot. Apple have deemed they are no longer necessary.

You can buy USB ones if you really need it. A casualty of their thin design.

USB ports are all on the back.

AnonYonimousBird Tue 11-Jun-13 18:42:18

CD slot is on the right hand side (well it is on mine!)

And all the USB slots for memory sticks/camera leads etc are on the back.

Or have iMac's changed?!

Dancergirl Tue 11-Jun-13 11:55:42

I love my new iMac but it's going to take a bit of getting used to. Is there a particular book or magazine to help me? Or website? Or just youtube?

I also have some specific questions:

How do you use a CD rom, there doesn't seem to be a slot for it?
Similarly how do you upload photos from your camera? Again no obvious slot for memory stick.

Any other tips for first time imac user? Thanks.

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