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Jux Sat 08-Jun-13 19:40:45

Years ago I set up dd with an email account, under my account. One of her friends' accounts was compromised and so dd had to delete the mail from this friend and was told she had to change her password as otherwise the virus would send out mails to all her contacts too. We're with Virgin.

She changed her password. Now she can't get into her account, using her old password or her new one.

I can't work out how to sort this. I can't get access to her account through mine, it just doesn't show up (I hate Virgin's site, it's really hard to find anything).

She uses Windows Live Mail to get her mail.

Jux Sat 08-Jun-13 20:06:17

Done it. Whenever I log in to Virgin it takes me to annoying places so I desperately look for My Profile or somesuch and it is nowhere to be seen! I googled it this time, and found a link to a Virgin page which had a link to My Profile and have now bookmarked it, after sorting dd's password.

I'll see if HQ will delete this thread so as not to waste people's time, and then I might start another about the general crapness of Virgin's site!

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