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I suppose I want a new phone really - do your worst

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I have a really crap Blackberry Curve 8520. I am now increasingly jealous of, erm, everyone.

I am pondering either an entry-level-ish android - Galaxy Ace? something else? Or maybe an iPhone4S. I'm an iVirgin.

I don't want to spend more than about £100 upfront. And around £20pm for contract. Might go PAYG if not going the iPhone route.

I want to use a few apps, check emails, MN, small amount of calls/texts.

What do I want? Do I just want an iPod touch to play with and keep my crap-phone for calls? grin Pretty please.

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:06:31

yes, can see how 'over 20 quid' may seem costly but even if you had 100x £1 coins in a pile, there'd still be 25+ left at the end of contract smile

I know sticking with Tesco is the granny option. A brand I know (although apart from phones I hardly use Tesco, I dislike them quite a lot as an entity but they suit me for simple phone stuff)

I just feel reassured by knowing I could go to my local branch/shop and complain until I got a problem sorted, rather than dealing with one of these other firms who are probably perfectly ok. Probably the same reason why when I wanted a tumble drier or a vacuum, I would use JL rather than a slightly cheaper internet shop, IKWIM.

I know - it's illogical. I never claimed to be entirely rational!

£40 cashback on top really tempts me though. Because it was a good deal already too.

Off to ponder some more. Thanks for the suggestions, I will update if/when I go for it smile

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:13:07

Or even keep the PAYG as an emergency/spare... really depends if it is locked to any network as to how easy it would be to sell... and if not locked, then at end of contract, use PAC to keep your number and then get a fresh SIM Only to keep the Nexus running.

The PAYG could be used for a week/two on <any other network> then you get a PAC from them and go back to Three (also if you buy the SIM Only via a cashback deal... you're a new customer on Three at that point... though must admit some other networks are more generous on cashback deals).

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:19:03

CLEARLY you must check what coverage there is from Three in the areas you are most. Was serious when I mentioned Wales as lots of areas will have poor/no coverage.

My sister can only talk to me when walking on the beach at Anglesey, or from one spot by a door in their cottage. I just send her texts these days or ring their landline as there's little guarantee of reaching her on Vodafone (though you mentioned them yourself... so Asda Mobile would be no good as a PAYG intermediary!)

nellyjelly Thu 27-Jun-13 19:31:30

Iphone is the best phone I have ever had. There are decent deals on 4 and 4s if you look.

woo hoo i am posting from my new phone grin grin
went for s3 mini in the end
got candy crush and MN app so all set
just need a small child to teach me how to use it now

sneezecakesmum Tue 16-Jul-13 10:07:26

O2 sim only £10 pm which they double up if you pay DD. plenty of minutes data and texts there for the light user. As you say, good coverage too. Phone wise ANYTHING with a good sized screen and running jelly bean as a minimum.

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