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I suppose I want a new phone really - do your worst

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MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Fri 07-Jun-13 21:46:45

I have a really crap Blackberry Curve 8520. I am now increasingly jealous of, erm, everyone.

I am pondering either an entry-level-ish android - Galaxy Ace? something else? Or maybe an iPhone4S. I'm an iVirgin.

I don't want to spend more than about £100 upfront. And around £20pm for contract. Might go PAYG if not going the iPhone route.

I want to use a few apps, check emails, MN, small amount of calls/texts.

What do I want? Do I just want an iPod touch to play with and keep my crap-phone for calls? grin Pretty please.

aladdinsane Fri 07-Jun-13 22:13:31

Ive just upgraded to a nokia limia 820 - i bought it with tesco points and got a sim only deal £8 for 500 minutes
the lumia 600 - my friend has this, previously had htc and she is raving about it- is half price at argos around £90 i think

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Fri 07-Jun-13 23:31:50

Thanks I'm on tesco for mobile ATM and they have the Lumia for not too much ££, will have a nosey at that.

butterflybuns Sat 08-Jun-13 09:39:58

Me and dh have samsung s3 minis which we both love. They do everything you could want and they aren't expensive on any tariff. Don't get a samsung ace- dm has one and while they are a bit cheaper still they are slow and clunky.

Southeastdweller Sat 08-Jun-13 10:31:43

I had the same Blackberry for a year and couldn't wait to get rid if it. Very happy with my iPhone 4S and on your budget you could get one or the 4.really easy to use and does all you want.

Snorbs Sat 08-Jun-13 10:45:46

The original Galaxy Ace was woeful. The Galaxy Ace 2 is better - my DS has one and the biggest issue with it is that it runs an old version of Android although there is a new update due imminently. There's a new Galaxy Ace 3 due out in the next few weeks that is likely to be a bit better still.

The Galaxy Aces are nevertheless low-end phones. They're good at what they do but they don't have all the bells and whistles and they're not likely to receive many software updates. The S3 Mini is more of a mid-range phone and is a very good price at the moment, not least because the S4 Mini has just launched. You might also be able to get a good deal on the full-size Galaxy S3 as the S4 has just come out.

The size of the phone - and, in particular, the size of the screen - can make a real difference. I'd recommend going along to Carphone Warehouse and just having a play with a variety of different phones until you find one about the size that you'd be comfortable with. iPhones prior to the iPhone 5 have small screens (about the same size as a Galaxy Ace) which may or may not be an issue for you.

The bigger problem I have with iPhones is that to get music on and off it you have to install iTunes on your PC and I found it to be very unstable and annoying. Apple does have a real tendency to want to lock you in to their way of doing things, too, whereas Android phones are more customisable so you can get it to work the way you want it to.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Sat 08-Jun-13 14:24:49

I'm very unlikely to use it for music TBH. I'm still on CDs rather than downloads blush

I will have a look at some of those Samsungs too - I had a Samsung before the blackberry but didn't like it, but I gather they have improved a LOT since then, it was a Tocco Lite and I hated it.

After the blackberry's small screen I think they will all seem a better size grin I have a Carphone Warehouse locally, so I will call in for a play this week. Thanks for the suggestions.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-Jun-13 14:26:17

You want a Nexus 4. Better spec than an iPhone, half the price.

firefly11 Sat 08-Jun-13 22:33:19

Nexus 4. Best for the money. Only £279 + £9.99 shipping if ordering from the Google Play Store and it's SIM-free and unlocked so you can just go on any SIM-only contract/payg after you get the phone. It uses micro-SIM by the way. Why am I so excited? I just ordered mine! Can't wait to offload my SE Xperia Neo now after my 24-month contract ends next month.

firefly11 Sat 08-Jun-13 22:44:03

There's a cheaper version of the Nexus 4 going at £239 actually. It's lesser storage because it's 8 GB. The Nexus 4 that's going for £279 has 16 GB memory by contrast. I suppose if you're not going to be using the phone for music or videos or heavy-duty games, you might well go for the cheaper Nexus 4 - the £239 one - if you are considering the Nexus 4 at all.

SIM-only plans like Three's start at £6.90 a month for a 12-mth minimum contract with 200 mins, 5000 txts, and 500 MB data (if you're not a heavy data user that might be enough). If you're happy to spend the money upfront and get the phone from Google Play Store, and then go on a SIM-only plan, over say, 2 years, you will find that you are paying less than £20 a month for the phone and the contract plan.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Sun 09-Jun-13 14:25:57

oooh that nexus looks interesting! Bit more to pay up front but I could then go sim-only for a cheap contract. I think the lower storage would be fine for me.

I will have to review my funds and see. It looks very nice though. all shiny

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 16:48:45

Ok I'm still pondering

I'm am looking at

++ iPhone4S 16gb, £100 up front then £20/month for 500mins 5000 texts1GB data or

++ SamsungS3mini, £0 up front and £17.50/month for 250mins, 5000 texts500MB data or £20/month for 500 mins 5000 texts and 2GB data

These can be capped contracts as they are both Tesco. I am thinking the iPhone is looking really good. What do you think? I don't really want to spend £200 up front for the Nexus, although it does look fabulous.

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 18:18:24

I know you say you're still using CDs, but there's free software to 'rip' a CD and make MP3s from the tracks, and loads of music player apps (though I suppose you would use your iPod Touch if you go to the gym or out running)...

That Samsung S3 Mini looks to be a good deal, but there may be others (and while I know what you've set as a limit on spending, it would also be worth clarifying how many minutes you need in the contract, as there may be alternatives still below 20 quid, on other networks).

LifeofPo Wed 26-Jun-13 18:21:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheSecondComing Wed 26-Jun-13 18:27:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 18:36:30

what iPod touch? I haven't got one! I was just pondering getting one instead of a fancy phone you see. I don't do running or the gym just knitting

I have 'burned' some of my CDs onto the PC so I can listen to them on there though.

I would quite like to stick with Tesco TBH, because they use o2's network and we get good signal, I have had trouble with Vodaphone in our area.

And they do capped contracts - I know 3 do as well but I am massively put off by tales of their customer service. I have spoken with Tesco customer service several times about my phones and they have been really good and ideal for technophobes like us.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 18:39:56

The £20 samsung mini deal looks good value to me. But I played with an iPhone recently, and ooof, it was lovely . And I probably don't need 2GB data, given I use WiFi at home and only really surf a bit when out, don't download stuff.

I'm not in a big rush, obviously grin But I would like to decide before I go on hols in July as I don't think I can stand another whole week in Wales without any internet.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 18:42:14

I did go to Carphone Warehouse, it seems my 4yo will be able to teach me how to use whatever I go for.

They suggested Galaxy Fame but it looked a bit shit TBH. I don't fancy the Ace now, if I'm going to get a decent phone I think I want to go for it and get a snazzier one.

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 18:43:57

Just spotted (on ) a Nexus 4 (16 GB) on Three at £23/month for 24 months. No "up front" cost. 300 minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited data.

> link <

I've just recently got a refurb BlackBerry from at £13/month for 24 months - it was primarily for unlimited data and the phone is a bonus! However, main point in mentioning it is that I asked Three CS to cap the costs so have blocked international roaming, premium rate calls, and international calls so it should not cost me more than £13 {subject to inflation though, so may go up a touch in contract period}

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 18:47:28


Very tempting.

Is the Nexus massive like the S3 though? And is that site reputable, IYKWIM?

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 18:51:10

Topcashback seem to be offering £40 cash back on new contracts through them too.


NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 18:53:36

"probably don't need 2 GB data" (gulp, I use 1-2 GB a day!)

OK, can see why Tesco would appeal - but a lot depends on where in Wales you plan to go...

Agree re Galaxy Fame - think it is just a newer mobile at the budget end so there's a range of "new" Samsungs in price ranges for pretty much anyone.

Apologies about mistaking you as having an iPod Touch - it made me think an iPhone may be (sadly) an 'automatic' choice, but I would say that Android is probably more flexible.

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 19:01:02

I mostly mumsnet, look at Ravelry, check the BBC and the Guardian. Use Iplayer on the TV through the freeview/humax thing.

I LOL at the thought of the CIA watching my tinternet use, they would arrest me for causing terminal boredom grin

Over £20 a month seems to make me <ouch> somehow though. Which is silly when I would pay some upfront and then £20 a month, I know.

NetworkGuy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:01:57

Think you have to choose whether to go direct to Tesco Mobile or use one of the primary networks, via an online store like,,, etc (but get more choices over mobile phone, possibly at lower cost, and possible cashback).

MoaningMingeWhingesAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 19:03:20

That nexus does look really really good though. And you get a free basic phone with it PAYG, which DH could give a good home too, or I could flog I suppose?

He is currently modelling an 8/9 yr old nokia that was £30 new, though grin

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