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Asus laptop cap locks

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randgirl Mon 27-May-13 10:29:37

Hi, does anyone know how i can get the icon or anything to show when i have cap locks on on my laptop. I have changed banks and the log on is such a faff (case sensitive) and by the time i get all the way to the end is says error, coz i had bloody cap locks on the whole time. It doesnt show anywhere or give any msg that cap locks is on. I have the K52F.


Chanatan Mon 27-May-13 14:25:37

I have recently bought a new laptop and did a fair bit of research before buying it,one of the things that stood out whilst doing that research was that a number of manufacturers are doing away with the caps lock notification,so it could be that your looking for something thats not there.

NetworkGuy Mon 27-May-13 17:38:30

If you have a few quid (fiver or so) then perhaps plugging in a USB keyboard (one with lights for caps lock, number lock, scroll lock) might help.

I've bought USB multimedia keyboards on Ebay in the past for about 4.50 (so they have volume control, sound mute, sleep button and some other keys to control Windows Media Player). There are also some with illuminated keys and really small keyboards {but these latter types tend not to have any 'status' LEDs, so I suggest you avoid them}.

I have a half dozen different laptops and always use external keyboard for simplicity (so I don't have to worry about keyboard layout differences) because I'm using them in a static situation, not on my lap / bed / train.

I also use wireless or USB mice, and keep laptops away from the edge of a table so I cannot knock it flying, or spill my coffee into it... smile

randgirl Mon 27-May-13 18:39:47

Thanks networkguy. I think that will be the easiest option.

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