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Connecting iPad and iPod

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Casey Fri 17-May-13 16:02:42

Can I do this? If so, what is the name (or a link to) the cable I need to do so?

This is an ANCIENT iPod nano, which doesn't have wifi, but does have a USB cable. If I had a cable which went from iPad power socket but at the other end had a docking point for a USB, that would work. Is it possible?

AndrewD Sat 18-May-13 07:41:32

I don't think so. I think you need to have the nano and ipad "paired" with the same iTunes account. You need to go via iTunes to upload/download the music to both.

I hope there's a better geek out there with a more useful answer!

Casey Sat 18-May-13 08:20:05

Thank you.

Casey Sat 18-May-13 22:24:42

I thought someone would pop up and tell me how this is possible.

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