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Backup my contacts from phone to laptop

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Swerving Sun 12-May-13 23:40:20

It has taken me hours to achieve - nothing much.
I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini phone and would like to put all my contacts into my laptop. I eventually managed to install Samsung kies to enable me to this, then have spent hours searching around for the section that will let me transfer all my numbers.

I have given up for now and must get on with some other non- tech work.
I find it so stressful and may resort to using good ol' pen and paper. I have wasted a day and should be asleep now.

Does anyone have any suggestions please? (Cant get back here till tues eve)

allanmanhire Mon 13-May-13 04:49:36

Backup all your contacts to your gmail account. This way even (God forbid) you loose your laptop, you contacts will still be available on gmail.

After backing up your contacts on gmail, you can download them on your laptop.

I recommend you check your gmail contact list, I bet if you have contacts backup ticked, all your contacts are already backed up on gmail

niceguy2 Mon 13-May-13 11:00:01

It's pretty straight forward.

If you go to Settings -> Accounts -> (your google account) -> Sync contacts. That should now make a copy of your contacts to Google servers which you can hopefully see with

I also thoroughly recommend a tool called Go Backup which will allow you to backup your contacts, call history & SMS messages to a backup file which you can then store elsewhere. The latter is very useful for when you change phones and you can get everything back.

Swerving Tue 14-May-13 22:49:56

allanmanhire and niceguy2
is gmail the same as googlemail?
I appear to have a google mail account but its never been used, for anything. (think this was set up for me when I got this phone in January).
When I log into it on my laptop it is asking for my mobile phone number - so I suppose I have to do this to make the connection work between the two and enable contacts to be copied?

On my mobile I have gone into settings >accounts> I can see 'Sync Contacts' - under this heading it says last synced on 23/01/2013. (?)

So on the laptop should I put in my mbile number
on my phone should I click on sync Contacts - Sync now ?

niceguy2 Wed 15-May-13 10:26:58

Yes, do that. The mobile number is really for Google to be able to text you if they need to check who you are. (eg. you forget your password). Once you've sync'ed, go to and confirm everything is there.

Swerving Thu 16-May-13 11:07:33

Hi - I have gone into my mobile - settings > google account > sync and clicked on sync App Data;calendar; contacts; Gmail; Internet and Peoples details. They are all now showing todays date as last synced.
So I have managed to do that bit.
I have then gone to my laptop and got in to my gmail account.
There are 4 old, unread, emails from Google dated 2009 and not much else. I am clicking on everything trying to find a list of all my phone contacts and their numbers but not found anything yet.

I would also like to have my list of contacts and their telephone numbers accessible on my desktop so that I can see them as a glance. Is it possible to do this?

I have not been asked to input my mobile number again so cant do that.
I went to and could not find my contacts there. I must be missing something?
sad confused

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