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Apple virgin. Apple ID question re 2 ipods

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willyoulistentome Wed 08-May-13 21:23:44

My two sons ( 8 & 9) have just managed to save up and buy an i pod Touch each. I have no apple producsts so it's all new to me. I gather I need to set up an Apple ID, and I will have to pay for games and downloads that aren;t free. I also gather there is this Cloud thing that stores my apple stuff, and I can upload and download things from it to other apple devices.

Can I use te SAME Apple ID for both iPods? How do I pay? Do I get a bill. Is there a way to restrict what is downloaded. i.e inappropriate stuff for kids, and also so I don't get a huge bill? I want to have to approve every purchse and enter a pin for it., (Like on my Samsung!) Is this what happens?

I need to know QUICK, cos I promised I'd have this sorted by tomorrow, but they are already harassing me!!!

willyoulistentome Wed 08-May-13 22:10:00

This is sounding good. So I can get apple receipts sent to my Android phone - ha!

Willdoitinaminute Wed 08-May-13 22:19:30

I have just set up my new ipod touch. The most important thing to do when you set up itunes account is that you DO NOT NEED TO register with a credit card!!! I already had iTunes account but remember having to fish around a bit when setting up but managed to avoid falling into the credit/bank account trap. This means that my son does not add ££££ to my credit card bill each month downloading apps. The other important area is the in app restrictions.
1. go into settings then general then restrictions it will ask you to set a pin you can then scroll down to in app purchases and switch it off
2. go up alittle to music & podcasts and set rating. use this area to set all content you want them to access.

If they want to buy apps (many are free) they will have to use gift cards. Bit like pay as you go.
You can stop them downloading apps initially without you first checking by ensuring they need a pin.

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