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Yahoo won't load attachment...

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Lavenderhoney Sun 05-May-13 03:56:54


It just does that thing with the wheel going round and round and noting loads! It used to be fine. My dh uses his hotmail on the same computer and doesn't have a problem loading anything.

It's not a big file, just a couple of page word doc, no photos or anything.

Any help gratefully received, its driving me madsad

MTSCostcoChickenFan Sun 05-May-13 18:51:38

Why not just forward the email to your DH and open/save from there, assuming that it's possible. If not the attachment is damaged and had nothing to do with Yahoo

Lavenderhoney Sun 05-May-13 20:22:38

I want to be able to send my own attachments- the file isn't damaged, it seems to be a fault with yahoo!

MTSCostcoChickenFan Sun 05-May-13 20:44:50

Sorry I wasn't clear.

Get your DH to send an email with the attachment to your Yahoo account. You then edit out your DH details from the text and then forward the email to your recipient.

You will get your email out and in the mean time the problem might resolve itself.

Lavenderhoney Mon 06-May-13 03:30:04

Great short term solution thanks! Doh- I should have thought of that.

I have looked it up and its to do with yahoo not liking the latest upgrade of Internet explorer. So hopefully they will sort it quickly.

I'm going to open a new account for my self on hotmail just in case.

justabigdisco Mon 06-May-13 05:05:08

I get this with Yahoo on Safari (mac user here). Try downloading Firefox instead of IE and use that for your emails.

Lavenderhoney Mon 06-May-13 15:37:15

Thank you!

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