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Re: Printer woes!

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BlogOnTheTyne Wed 01-May-13 05:47:08

I am fuming as my replacement printer from John Lewis - a Canon Pixma MG6350 - which I've only had for a few weeks - has stopped responding to the 'touch' control panel. Never, never buy this printer!

This is the SECOND model I've had. The first one didn't work at all. I paid for a techie expert to check whether I'd set it up properly and I had. Turned out that one of the printer inks included with the printer - was faulty.

Major hassle to return whole thing, as they couldn't get hold of that one printer cartridge! Finally got a replacement printer - at this point, desperate because I use a printer/scanner/copier daily for my self-employed business.

By this time, I'd paid for the printer, paid another £100 for the techie guy, lost time to travel to return old printer. Lost more work time to wait for replacement printer....

Only a few weeks later, I have to buy more ink cartridges. Nowhere at all stocks them, not even the John Lewis who sold me the printer. Purchased replacement inks online at around £100.00!!!

By now, I've practically spent again what the printer cost. The previous John Lewis printer - a better version of this Canon model - has broken down irrevocably after barely 2 yrs use!

So now the new printer control panel isn't responding to touch - which basically means you can't copy or scan. As I need it daily for printing, I just can't face the hassle of returning it, waiting for months for a possible repair and then perhaps being told it's irreparable - or getting it back only to have some other part of it break down yet again!

As I can't work without a printer, I'll have to buy another printer before I begin the incredibly frustrating process of returning this one to John Lewis for a possible repair. The printer will contain £100 of the new inks I bought and I may never get it back if it's irreparable!

Does anyone know if there's an easy way to home repair the 'touch screen' control panel? I've searched the online manual and nothing at all has turned up about this. I am at screaming point!

MTSgroupie Wed 01-May-13 10:13:24

Is yours an expensive printer. I'm asking because when I had problems with my old printer I chucked it and bought a new one for £50. At those prices paying a techie £100 to fix old one would be a silly thing to do.

As for ink, I pay £20 for a set of four cartridges from Wilkinsons. It's £35 at Tesco - ripoff. So £100 for yours is a mega rip off unless you have some high volume commercial printer.

BlogOnTheTyne Thu 02-May-13 05:38:01

I think it costs around £300 and I bought it because it was the closest I could get to the previous Canon printer/scanner/copier. I need all functions for work.

I paid a techie guy to see if I'd set up the first new one incorrectly, as I was desperate to speed up the process of having a functioning printer. Since then, the expenses have accrued and I'm still left with the second new printer not fully functional.

Does anyone know how to fix the touch screen control panel on a printer like this and whether it's a simple job and could be done quickly, if I take this one back to the shop for repairs?

flatpackhamster Thu 02-May-13 21:45:54

Printers are designed these days so that they aren't serviceable items, so I can't imagine anyone being able to work on the touch panel. They'll simply replace the unit and dispose of it. Can you take your cartridges out before you take the printer to JL?

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