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Transfering song from ipad to ipod. Why won't it work?

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rainbowriver Sun 28-Apr-13 08:56:53

I used my ipad to buy two songs through itunes. They then both appeared on my ipad and also my son's ipod touch. So far so good.

Then plugged ipad into PC. Only one song will appear on itunes.

Then plugged my ipod shuffle in to get the two songs so I can play them in the car. Still only one of the songs on there. Transferred to ipod shuffle sucessfuly.

Plugged ipad back in. Shows both songs on my music tab but when I search itunes only one song is there.

Why can't I get this song to appear in itunes so I can transfer it? I paid for both through itunes and in the same way.

If anyone can solve this you are a genuis.



RustyBear Tue 30-Apr-13 16:25:30

Have you tried right click on the iPad name in iTunes and then Transfer purchases?

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