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all confused by syncing contacts

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ruthyroo Sat 27-Apr-13 15:33:14


I'm all confused by this!

I have just v acquired a new phone, one that runs on chrome rather than android. Dh imported the contacts from my old phone, but they were already a mess. I have 2 email accounts , yahoo which is my main one, and gmail which I only have to access Google drive. I tended to have email contacts on yahoo, and phone numbers on the phone. When I started using email on my phone I synced my yahoo contacts with my old phone, which resulted in lots of multiple entries for individual people - email addresses from yahoo o, and phone numbers on the phone. I never found a way to either merge them or to edit the email contacts as it would not allow me to edit the yahoo contact details.

With the shift to thus new phone I now have gmailemail accounts appearing too - so up to 3 didn't entries per person - none of which I seem to be able to merge or edit or delete.

Does this make sense? What I want is a nice organised contacts book on my phone, one entry per person, with all their info there. It would be great if this were also synced with yahoo for new and changing v email addresses. Is this v possible?


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