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Which laptop for an 85 year old please?

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MaggieW Thu 25-Apr-13 09:57:36

My in-laws would like to change their computer for a laptop. They don't need capacity as don't store photo's, videos etc but want easy internet access and speed, to use email and also do minimal word processing. My concern is laptop keyboards. Their current PC one is tilted and has bigger keys so I'm worried they may struggle. Are there any particular makes you'd recommend please? Probably not Apple as they've been windows based til now and I think that would possibly be a step too far, but am open to convincing otherwise! I'm thinking laptop, wireless printer/photocopier/scanner and wireless mouse. Budget is <£500. TIA.

MTSgroupie Thu 25-Apr-13 13:38:38

Why a laptop? I mean, when I'm 85 I don't think that I be carrying around a 2kg laptop either around the house or from house to office. And forget about the keyboard. What about the 15-17 inch screen?

I would rather spend the £500 on a cheap 24-27 inch monitor for my old eyes and the change on a basic desktop pc.

MTSgroupie Thu 25-Apr-13 13:42:25

How about an iPad or similar? Very intuitive to use. Boots up instantly. Easy to use email apps. A PC can do a lot more for the same money but if you don't need the 'more' ......

MaggieW Thu 25-Apr-13 14:27:24

Thanks. They want to get rid of the PC and all its bits as the room it is in is going to be turned into a bedroom.

Ipad might be a good idea. Easier on the fingers too. We're seeing them this weekend so could give them a whirl on DS's one.

MTSgroupie Thu 25-Apr-13 15:15:38

... alternatively you can buy PCs that are about the size of a hardback book for about £300. They are designed for hiding behind your TV.

They arent powerful enough to play the latest games or video editing but it's ideal for what your in-laws need a PC for. Plus they can stream movies or play catch up on tv programs. Team that up with a cordless keyboard and away you go.

wordyBird Fri 26-Apr-13 00:27:32

Take them out to try a few laptops if you can - see how they feel about the different screen sizes etc.
You can attach a standard desktop keyboard to a laptop if required.

I know someone in about that age group - they love their ipad, but find a large screen and good keyboard are better for things such as word processing. There's a slight loss of dexterity to take account of, and the ipad can be a bit unforgiving in that regard.

flatpackhamster Sat 27-Apr-13 10:32:46

I would agree with people suggesting a tablet, although not necessarily an iPad. I've set up both iPads and Android tablets for clients and found the Android ones nicer and less stressful to set up.
I've just kitted out the MIL with a 7" Samsung Galaxy tablet and she, as someone who's never ventured anywhere near the intertubes, has found it really easy going.

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