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What IPad should I get??? Help I'm completly lost!!

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Vicky08 Wed 24-Apr-13 17:22:59

Ok I want to get an ipad but I have no idea where to start. Which should I get? how much memory? Are they really worth the money?
If I get one with 3G does it have an extra monthly cost?


holly00 Wed 24-Apr-13 19:49:35

I think they are definitely worth the cost. So good for internet browsing and i way prefer it to a laptop or desktop. If you get an iPad with 3G then there is a monthly cost, it's sort of like getting a phone contract, you get a SIM card with a certain amount of Internet usage on it depending on how much you need to use. In my opinion it's pretty pointless to get a 3G one when you look at the extra cost. It is much slower than a wifi conn room so you would use the wifi at home and if you have a phone which can access the Internet then you can connect the iPad to your phone's 3G signal ( this is called tethering) meaning you can still go online while you are out without paying for a 3G contract for the iPad. Sorry for the long message. Hope this helps!

sneezecakesmum Sat 04-May-13 14:42:32

If you are likely to use hundreds of apps and do lots of downloads I would get more than 16 gig. I have this and according to my settings it's nearly full. Think photos use up lots of space? No contract here but I tether it to my home and other friends houses via their broadband service and use my phone for roaming Internet. Man at PC world said buy the ipad 2 not new ipad as you really don't notice the extra pixels unless you are a tech lover and not worth the extra £s. ipad is very nice though and I love it.

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