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Kindle Fire 8.9 or Samsung Galaxy 10.1??

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lurkingfromhome Mon 22-Apr-13 12:57:06

Have a little bit of unexpected cash to spend and would like to buy a tablet. Cannot decide between these two. I probably won't actually use it for reading e-books that much (when travelling, mainly) but I'd like something that's good for web browsing and emailing, as I seem to spend half my evenings Googling stuff on my phone, looking at Twitter, etc. because I don't want to turn the computer back on.

I think I want something bigger than the standard 7 inch screen but not sure if 10.1 is too big? Also, some reviews seem to say that Samsung is a bit style over substance and compared to Apple products it's not that great (I can't justify buying an ipad so I do want something a bit cheaper). Critics of the Kindle say that it really is meant to be for doing Kindle-type stuff so the keyboard is rubbish and it's not especially good for emailing. I know the range of apps on Amazon is meant to be limited, but surely it's not that limited and most of the common ones are available? Could it be that the Samsung has too much going on for the few things I want to do on it and I should just save a bit of cash and buy the Kindle instead?

I think I just need someone to make the decision for me confused.

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Mon 22-Apr-13 18:43:52

The Kindle is a very different beast to other android tablets, it's not just the locked down app store (which is more different than you might expect), the whole interface of the OS is different, based on a bookshelf, and not customisable.

Is it the Galaxy Note 10.1 you are looking at? If so, it's definitely not style over substance (I'd reserve that phrase for the iPad if I'm honest). What Samsung has done in taking tablet functionality to the next level is superb.

I'd pick the Samsung every day of the week over the Kindle (or indeed the iPad)

lurkingfromhome Tue 23-Apr-13 09:02:21

This is really helpful, Pedro, thank you very much. I have been beginning to think that way myself so really good to have it confirmed. It's actually the Galaxy Tab 10.1 here I've been looking at, which is very reasonably priced if it's a good product. I think the decision is made, hurrah!

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