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Short term broadband

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FedupofTurkey Tue 16-Apr-13 02:46:42

Moving into temporary accommodation for 3 months. Can't live without my internet! There is a BT landline there. Whats my best option - we have laptops, iphone, tablets. We want a short term contract router that will work on a bt landline. It looks like 02 do a monthly contract, but would this be compatible?

NetworkGuy Tue 16-Apr-13 10:02:01

Any idea how much data you use each month ?

If you were to use any ISP offering ADSL / ADSL 2+ (higher speeds) for a short time, you'll be hit for a 'setup' fee (normally from 25 to 50 quid) and possibly a 'cease' fee at the end (though if you are moving away and cancel service on the phone line, it should cause the broadband to end too.

O2 and BE Unlimited (both previously owned by O2/Telefonica) are now parts of Sky. There are still a number of smaller ISPs that can offer monthly contracts but they have a massive range of prices and most of the more generous (traffic download/upload) deals depend on LLU (which then implies needing a contract with them for the phone line rental).

If you can identify what amount of data you'd guess would be used in the day (09:00 to 18:00), evening (18:00 to 00:00) and overnight, it may be that some specific ISPs would be better than others.

I know it's difficult to guess but if you are out working daylight hours and there'd be little or no usage then AAISP might be worth considering. Also, getting phone line rental can be awkward for short term, so that's another aspect.

Nearly forgot - do you already have a router to use (so you could avoid the 30-50 quid charge an ISP may make) ?

NetworkGuy Tue 16-Apr-13 10:09:28

If you have the postcode of the intended location, check mobile network coverage as the costs might not be too bad compared with the possible expense of short term use of a phone line and broadband. Again, it depends on how much data you expect to use.

If you expected to use just a few GB (no YouTube or TV news video clips, no iPlayer, no big downloads like system updates for any devices {ie turn OFF automatic updating}) then 12 GB PAYG plus a USB modem from Three is around 90 quid (and there may be some cashback deal), and I could lend you my (40 quid) Three router that runs on mains power and can support up to 5 devices sharing the connection, has 2 ethernet sockets and provides Wi-Fi for a property). It's like their "MiFi" (the mobile, battery powered version) but better, IMHO, for household use...

I was using it with a 15 GB/month allowance and used 95+% every month, but if you only have modest needs, were in a coverage area, and didn't want any contracts, you could use Three pretty much as soon as the post can get there...

Three offers 3 GB / 3 month and 12 GB/ 12 month PAYG offers, including the USB dongle and SIM "ready to go" for around 40 and 90 pounds. Clearly these are for lowish use, and they run out as soon as the time period or data runs out (whichever is first), On Ebay you can see 3 GB pre-loaded SIMs for around 13 pounds which compares favourably against many mobile PAYG costs where some charge 10 quid for 1 GB. It would also mean that if you used 12 GB in say 10 weeks you could just add another 3 GB/3 months for a small additional charge.

You could decide after that whether to flog the USB modem on Ebay, to offset your costs, or keep it for emergencies (and buy another Three 3 GB SIM from Ebay to hold in reserve - just remember not to "test" it because the "3 month timer" starts on first use)

NetworkGuy Tue 16-Apr-13 10:18:16

Do you have a link to whatever O2 deal you've seen (and are you an existing O2 customer so eligible for discount/ some special option), please?

Just so it's clear what you've seen, what the T+C are, and what it would cost, to be able to compare "like" with "like"...

Years ago the Openreach setup fee was close to 50 quid and passed on by ISPs, but OFCOM forced Openreach to charge more transparently so the charges were lowered and split into "setup" and "cease" fees (clearly Openreach were originally charging for both even though the cease may be years in advance or even 'never')

Not sure when I look at ISP comparison for monthly contract (see and in the left side there's a link to their ISP search) whether the 50 to 100 quid setup charges even include a router (some ISPs will only offer their support if you are using their supplied router).

NetworkGuy Thu 18-Apr-13 20:41:01

bump - any news ?

FedupofTurkey Thu 18-Apr-13 22:23:12

Hi networkguy

Thanks for your info, may not need it now though

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