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Retuning tv for bbc1 and bbc2 freeview

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Rezolution Wed 10-Apr-13 20:44:59

Hi folks, I need a bit help with tv retuning. Have just come out of hospital after being there for a week with a broken femur. I settled down to watch a bit of tv with my leg up on the settee to find that bbc has been moved. Yes, I know I should have retuned it before now but I have been out of action. I would like to watch Victoria Wood at 9pm. Any help?

nannynick Thu 11-Apr-13 21:59:27

Retuning is done via different methods on different tvsets, so refer to the instructions, or just play with the remote. It is often in a settings menu section. You may need to do a rescan, which will look for new channels, or do a complete scan which will reset all the channels.

As it is now past 9pm, you could try watching VW via iplayer.

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