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No wifi. Possible to post pics on facebk from laptop

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lottie63 Sun 07-Apr-13 08:46:07

I have a laptop (no dongle thingy). I also have an iphone4. No wifi in the holiday cottage I m in.

I can access mumsnet and facebook on my phone but not through the laptop. Why is this? I can even get my work email on my phone, it appears.

However, the main question I m asking is this:

I d like to upload a few photos from my laptop to my facebook wall so my extended family can see them but cos my laptop seem to rely on wifi (unlike iphone) I dnt seem to bd able to do this.

Is there a roundabout way of doing this other than dragging my laptop to an internet cafe?

ValarMorGoolis Sun 07-Apr-13 13:11:49

personal hotspot switched on? do you have 'tethering' included in your contract? If you do then there will be an option in settings for personal hotspot. Put that on and the laptop should find the iphone.

lottie63 Sun 07-Apr-13 16:48:14

Oh dear, I have no idea if I have tethering or not

ValarMorGoolis Sun 07-Apr-13 16:55:39

If you don't there won't be the hotspot option.

CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 07-Apr-13 16:59:40

All Iphones can tether.

Go into your settings, and turn on a personal hotspot. It'll automatically generate a security code to enter on your laptop, and then your laptop can share your iPhone's internet.

The only problem will be whether your contract allows for network sharing. In most cases, it'll be free but the data used will be taken out of your data allowance for the month (unless you are unlimited).

NetworkGuy Mon 08-Apr-13 17:11:05

Don't suppose your laptop has Bluetooth (in which case you may be able to copy the photos to the iPhone). As CDLM says, though, you may be able to use hotspot (but there's no guarantee contract allows it).

What network and contract (if you remember allowances or name) do you use?

For example, on Three, only the "One Plan" allows tethering (use of mobile as wi-fi hotspot) and even though it may work, most networks can detect it and if not included on your plan, could block internet access from your mobile temporarily or permanently (until you reset the phone to factory settings, losing Apps and other data unless you back it all up).

lottie63 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:25:05

I ve got Tesco mobile. I think that s 02. I don t think it s unlimited

NetworkGuy Wed 10-Apr-13 16:31:50

Sorry for not getting back to you before - shame no one else (eg someone with an iPhone) spotted this thread yesterday.

Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network, but it'll depend what contract you have with Tesco. Anyway, even without tethering it may be possible...

I just looked for some way to get your photos from laptop to iPhone and maybe someone can point to an FTP server app for the iPhone. I have foud two (but both have feedback talking about problems).

If there is an FTP Server App, it would allow your iPhone to be able to let an FTP client (your laptop) fetch and send files, so the laptop could download items from the iPhone, or upload items (such as your photos).

Sorry it is so late in your holiday (unless you are there for another week!!) and I don't have any way to test, but know it would be one method...

lottie63 Thu 11-Apr-13 03:09:17

Thanks NetworkGuy, that's really lovely of you - and also for your starting a thread asking for more help. Still trying to do it... May have to just wait for the weekend now until home with wifi connection. Would be interesting to hear if anyone s ever been successful though

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