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Remembering Network Password - Windows Vista Home

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nannynick Sat 06-Apr-13 12:55:12

I have two laptops and a network drive (media server).

LaptopA is running Windows 7 Home Premium, it DOES remember the password for the network drive.

LaptopB is running Windows Vista Home Basic. It does NOT remember the password for the network drive.

Quite a common problem it seems from a Google search.
Seems that some settings need to be changed but...

In vista "Network & Sharing Center" I can not modify the settings, it comes up with error: The parameter is incorrect.

Any ideas on what is causing that error?
I have only one user profile on the laptop and it is set as Administrator, there is no password for the user account (maybe it needs one?).

Any suggestions?

EasyFromNowOn Sat 06-Apr-13 13:19:03

No, sorry. We had the same set up for a while, but my Vista machine was never able to reliably connect to the media server. I had one of the network engineers from work look at it and he swore a lot but still couldn't make it work. We tried varied combinations of user accounts but it made no difference. When it had been two Vista machines it had been fine, and it also worked ok with Vista/Win2K and Win7/Win2K. It seems that 7 and Vista just do not play nicely.

We never did make it work, but the media server died last year anyway and as far as I know DH hasn't replaced it.

nannynick Sat 06-Apr-13 13:23:24

Glad it's not just me who has found Vista to be PITButt about connecting to network drives. I'm an ex-IT Support person, it's not as though I do not know roughly what I am doing... but Vista is simply a pain sometimes.
It's not as if I am expecting Vista to talk to the Win7 machine... the drive is independent, so no need for the systems to talk to each other.

Wonder if there is something very simple that I've missed. On the plus side the Vista machine does connect to the drive (and asks username and password each time) though it also forgets about the drive after a while, sometimes midway when sending a large datafile (not handy!)

BloddersMum Wed 10-Apr-13 19:32:07

Had this with both parents at the weekend, albeit with windows7.

They had changed their PC log on passwords in our absence. Setting the username and password that they use to log on their laptops to be the same when they access their NAS sorted it straight out, connects straight away and lists their folders as network drives.
Both parents have thier own accounts, although with shared folders, so each of them keeps thier own username and password.

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