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CD's not being recognised/played on all computers

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Debs75 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:39:07

My DD can not get some of her cd's to play on the computer/laptop/ITunes. They play fine on her tv and on a normal stereo but all we get on the comps is silence. It knows the CD is there as it brings up artist and track but no sound. The comps are playing other CD's fine so the comps are OK.
Does anyone have an idea as to why they could be doing this?

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Fri 05-Apr-13 09:51:35

Is it a genuine CD or a copy? What application is playing the CD on the computer, Media Player? Can you see the time on the tracks ticking over or does it just not do anything? Is the volume turned up?

nannynick Fri 05-Apr-13 10:20:11

Try using Media Player rather than iTunes.
Try opening using windows explorer (the thing to view files/folders) see if it lists the tracks. Right click to see options, such as play.
Check all volume controls - open the mixer.
Try rip option in media player, will it make a digital copy and play that?

Are the just CD or are they some sort of combo, such as CD with pictures, CD-R, CD-RW.

Debs75 Sun 07-Apr-13 21:25:00

Right back again.

They are shop bought originals
THey open on my laptop with windows media player, the picture of the band comes up and the track listing comes up but no sound whatsoever.
You can see the seconds click through but still no sound
The number of other cd's we tried in my laptop all work perfectly apart from these two.
Volume is fine we have faffed with it and the best she can get is a badly tuned radio effect.
Tried ripping but no good.
They both work fine in the car.

My only solution would be to buy them again but DD hasn't the money and since they work in the car and on the stereo they do play so can't take them back to the shop

nannynick Mon 08-Apr-13 17:43:07

Google the band name, disc title, see if anyone else has the same issue.
I would guess it is a copy protection method. The discs are not to Redbook Standard, instead they have multiple sessions, which an audio player would not know about as it looks for only the first session, where as a computer will look for all sessions, so is picking the table of contents from a different session. Thus the disc is recognised by mediaplayer but it does not play.

A complaint may be possible to the retailer based on the disc not being manufactured to Redbook Standard but that is a bit of a long shot. A replacement disc would do the same thing, as it is part of the manufacturing process. Could complain to the band itself - maybe they would then encourage their record company not to use the copy protection, though that may impact on sales.

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