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Doinmummy Wed 03-Apr-13 22:57:51

I have received a talk talk Youview box. They are giving them away free if you sign up for another 24 months. I told the operator that my phone point is about 12 feet away from the tv and he said this was ok. I've read the instructions and it says the box has to be connected to the router. I can't do this as the router and tv aren't near to each other. Does the Youview box not work if its not connected to the router? I thought tv programmes came through the tv arial not the phone line. Can anyone tell me how it works please?

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 09:09:04

The bulk of what many watch is live, as it is being broadcast (or recorded from a broadcast). From what I have read (I don't have YouView), you have the ability to look on the programme guide (EPG) and choose some items which are up to a week old.

Where YV box is clever is that the display of shows just scrolls back and forward, and if you choose something that's already gone out, it would use the "On Demand" service (or ITV player, or iPlayer for BBC) to get it via broadband to play for you.

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 09:15:25

Don't know if the box comes with HomePlug adaptors (can send data via your home's mains wiring) but if not, you could buy a 'starter pack' {a pair of adaptors} online for under 30 quid).

See Sumvision Twin Pack

You'd plug one in next to your broadband router and use a short ethernet (data) cable from the router LAN port into the adaptor. At your TV end, the YouView box needs an aerial (so it can handle Freeview TV signals, and then you'd plug in another short data cable in the ethernet / network / RJ45 socket (don't know how it is labelled, sorry) and the other into the HomePlug mains adaptor).

That should be it. The router will be passing data via the HomePlug adaptor into your home mains wiring and the YouView box will have a 'network connection' to the internet, so it will be able to 'stream' a TV show for you to watch, if you've chosen something that went out yesterday or within the last few days.

I have not used the Sumvision units, but have tried some others with clients. Will certainly try to assist if you go down this route for the internet connection to your new YouView box.

nannynick Thu 04-Apr-13 18:52:55

On a temporary basis can you not just use a long ethernet cable?
The homeplug things are then your option (they send the ethernet signal between the units using your home electrical wiring).
YouView boxes need Freeview Aerial, Network (Ethernet, not sure any offer wireless yet) and HDMI connection to TV (some boxes may support SCART).

User Guides for the current two YouView boxes - same page also has a link to TalkTalk members forum, which is probably best place to get advice from other YouView users, as they will have same hardware and be on same ISP.

As NetworkGuy says, some things come via Freeview, others via Network. I used to have the Humax box (not via TalkTalk) and it would not display the EPG (program guide) without a net connection, the guide is used for everything as it lets you go back 7 days as well as seeing what is on Now and coming up.

Doinmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 02:19:33

Oh gawd ! Sounds very technical . I sort of understood Network Guy.i think I can watch and record stuff if the box is plugged into TV but I can't watch old stuff because that us sent via broadband . Is that the gist of it? <technical thicko>

Doinmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 02:20:58

Are there some boxes that don't need Internet connection? I'm sure my sisters isn't plugged into the phone line.

nannynick Fri 05-Apr-13 10:24:50

To my knowledge YouView boxes always need internet or they do not work.

Has your sister perhaps have a freeview+ box or something else, are you sure she has YouView (there are only 2 boxes currently on the market, pictures in the guides previously linked).

Doinmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 10:39:45

My sister doesn't have a talk talk box, I'll give them a call as I think they've mislead me a bit. Thanks for all your help.

NetworkGuy Fri 05-Apr-13 12:00:38

Thing is, you've got a box that could cost around 300 quid (OK, 250 or maybe less in bulk when bought by TalkTalk)...

It's surely worth connecting up with a cheap ethernet cable (I just looked on Ebay and found a 10m blue cable for 2.95 with free delivery)... just to try it out...


Once you've used it you can see if it's worth linking up via the mains units so there's no cable across the room!

NetworkGuy Fri 05-Apr-13 12:01:17

Ooooops - > LINK <

Doinmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 12:43:12

Thanks Network. I think the box costs £299 so quite a decent bit of kit. I've spoken to a girl at Talktalk who spoke to me in words of one syllable! I can use the box to watch and record but ill need a long cable or a converter type plug( wrong word but I know what I mean)if I want to watch old programmes/ on demand type things. Ill set it up without the Internet and see how I get on. The converter plug thingy can be bought at a later date .

Doinmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 12:45:01

Ill get an Ethernet cable ,like you say , worth it for a couple of quid, to see if ill use all the Internet type functions.

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