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Setting up an iPhone 3 as an iPod for DD?

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3MonthMaid Wed 03-Apr-13 21:51:09

A friend of mine has a spare old iPhone that once belonged to her (now ex) DP. She says I can have it for DD who is rather desperate for an iPod, but I just can't afford that right now.

She doesn't know anything about iPhones etc, so she says I would have to wipe it/set it up.

Now, I have had 2 iPhones but both were brand new so I just followed the instructions!

This one is an iPhone 3, it doesn't have a pass code on it, but it seems to still have everything else on it. So will I be able to wipe it without any passwords etc? For obvious reasons I'm not going to be able to get in touch with the previous owner!

I want to attach it to my iTunes account so she can have some of my apps and music. Is that possible?!

Thank you!

RustyBear Wed 03-Apr-13 22:49:23

Usually the easiest way would be to restore the iphone 3 from a backup of your own phone, which would give your Dd the same settings as you have. But this will probably not work because the iphone 3 will not be able to update to the newest operating system.

There is an option on Settings to erase all content and settings, or to reset settings, but I have heard of people having problems synching an old iPhone after doing this, so I'd be inclined to just change things manually.

I gave Dd my old iPad when I got a new one, and I just deleted all my email accounts and any apps that had personal information in. DD hasn't bothered to sync it and remove my other apps, so she can still use them she just can't update them because she doesn't have the password. Any new apps she wants she downloads using her own account

To put your apps on, you can either sync with your pc, if you have them in iTunes or download them again by signing in with your id on the phone. (you will need to set up your own wireless on the phone first) go into the App Store app and scroll down to the bottom of the Featured page. It will have the Apple ID of the previous owner - touch that and you should be able to sign out and then you can sign in with your own id. Once you've done that, first try downloading a free app to check it works. Then you can search for an app you have already and you should be able to download it on the iPhone 3 without paying for it. On later versions of the software there's a Purchased section where you can re download already purchased apps but older versions don't have that. I think it will ask you to buy it, but when you say yes, it will say you've already bought it and ask if you want to download again. But it's a long time since I had an iPhone 3 so I'm not sure. Try it with something cheap first just in case!

If you have a pc that you already sync your own phone with, you should be able to connect the iPhone 3 and select the music and apps you want to put on it. I think you might have to sign out from the old ID and sign in with yours first - not sure if you have to do that in both iTunes and the App Store or if one will pick it up from the other. If you do it this way, it will also remove any music and apps already on the phone that aren't in your iTunes and any photos on there.

flossyfloo Wed 03-Apr-13 23:33:04

My DD has my old iphone 3 that she uses as an iPod.

As there is no SIM in it, she can't use it as a phone. I have disabled Internet access on it but if she wants to use it she can come to me and I will put it back on there for her. She is also unable to add/delete apps without me enabling this function for her.

I already had the iPhone 3 sync'd with my iTunes account but I just renamed her 'iPod' and still have that and my iphone 4 all set up from the same account. Doesn't cause any problems. We put music on there for her and a load of games, and she likes to use the camera too.

As long as nothing is password protected, I can't imagine you'll have any problems setting it up for her. Just make sure the apps on there are appropriate, delete all photos and videos, delete the contact list, messages etc.

My DD loves hers, I'm sure your DD will too smile

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