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stupid question alert: can I put BB simcard into iPhone?

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BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 18:50:43

My BB got wet and isn't working, thinking about getting an iPhone but than I will lose all my photos and contacts if I can't use the same simcard, won't I?
It was a 9700, is it worth sticking with BB but another model?

Blu Thu 04-Apr-13 18:03:46

And I missed a week of Broadchurch because I couldn't get iPlayer angry

British Telecon.

BoringTheBuilder Thu 04-Apr-13 21:11:45

I have been researching phones but doesn't work. I am slave to blackberry and now I even feel embarrassed because it seems from the reviews that blackberries are now for teenagers or chavs.
Anyway tomorrow I will have to go and buy another one as my phone is misbehaving too much.

I chose the BlackBerry Curve 9320 Red for £99 - handset only

My current plan is: O2 simplicity 300 12 month, £10.83 per month, 300 any-network mins, unlimited texts

The best upgrade deal would be:

Monthly cost £14
Phone cost £0
Minutes 100
Texts unlimited
Data 250 MB

So I will buy the handset only and keep my sim that is working fine. I am receiving calls, txts, emails and browsing the net, the only problem is the keyboard that freezes and don't let me access anything.

Is that right?

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 22:36:50

Ahhh, don't worry - teenagers certainly seemed to want the BB phones (but that was definitely a 2012 phenomenon, I think, and primarily because wile the BB services may cost extra, they were presumably unlimited for texting and instant messaging, a great boon if you send 200 short messages a day!)

Glad you found a phone that meets your needs, and can continue with the SIM and package that is in budget and offers you sufficient resources for now.

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 23:05:18

While it's sometimes better to switch network at end of your contract, it really does depend how long you've been with the network you are on, and whether they'll offer a good deal to keep you.

I have only started using O2 in the last week (but have used Orange and Virgin for 10 to 15 years on PAYG, had a contract in 19998 with T-Mobile and have only just started using them again, and have never used Vodafone). So don't know what policies there are for upgrades, and feel it's something of a lottery.

Near the end of contract, if you ask for your PAC (code to allow porting your mobile number to another network) they may start ringing you with offers as they know they have the potential to tempt you back if they can match the best deal you have found. It's certainly worth running some checks for phones (and monthly charge you would be willing to pay) to see how the minutes/ texts/ data compares with what you get and what you are paying, and then doing similar for a SIM Only deal (so you are ready for offers which include or exclude a phone, from your existing network)... Then when you have about 30 days left of your contract, ring and ask for the PAC, and if they start ringing you, aim to get them to match the package you have found elsewhere. Sometimes they will, or may drop the price of what you have been getting a lot, or a little. Other times they may not budge. Might be worth waiting until contract has 3 or 2 weeks remaining (if the day when you ring is close to the end of the month) to see if they have any targets to meet, and keeping you happy by giving you a good deal might be to your advantage and help them towards their target.

If you have some other deal lined up, you have the upper hand as you can say "Sorry, I can get better deal with XXX and will use my PAC in the next 48 hours" (which allows them a final chance to match the best alternative you've found).

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 23:06:48

Here's what someone posted today on another forum (poster had been with T-Mobile for several years):

Finally got my T-Mobile contract renewed.

Got this for £7.50: 600 mins 5000 texts 500 T-Mobile mins
^ + 1 gb data with unlimited browsing and 3 GB wifi^

(considering the low cost, and that T-Mobile doesn't block browsing after you reach your allowance, but just blocks video clips and streaming audio, that seems a very good deal).

His previous experience a couple of weeks or more ago was rather different:

Called T-Mobile, got offered rubbish deals.

Asked for PAC code. Got a call from retentions 10 mins later and got offered the same £16 pm Full Monty for 12 months.

I told them this is available online, what special they are offering me? He said they can not offer anything else.

NetworkGuy Fri 05-Apr-13 00:21:06

And someone else posted :-

Vodafone retentions would only go to 300 mins, unlim texts and 1.25 GB data for £8.50 a month / 12 months.

Customer for over 5 years.

BoringTheBuilder Fri 05-Apr-13 10:30:34

Thanks, I will digest all the info and do it.

Blu Fri 05-Apr-13 10:51:37

OP - don't worry about your image - the £zillion salary CEO that I know uses a BB because it is better for e mailing.

Your image is safe grin

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