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stupid question alert: can I put BB simcard into iPhone?

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BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 18:50:43

My BB got wet and isn't working, thinking about getting an iPhone but than I will lose all my photos and contacts if I can't use the same simcard, won't I?
It was a 9700, is it worth sticking with BB but another model?

Betrayedbutsurvived Wed 03-Apr-13 18:51:56

You can't put a bb SIM card in an I phone.

imtheonlyone Wed 03-Apr-13 18:53:30

Have a look on eBay. The SIM cards in the iPhone are a lot smaller. On eBay you can buy a cutter that will cut a normal size sim to a mini one that will fit grin

BertieBotts Wed 03-Apr-13 18:57:25

Depends which iPhone - the 3/3GS will take a normal sized one no problem. 4/4S takes a micro SIM, which is smaller, and the 5 takes a nano SIM which is even smaller and thinner.

For a micro sim you can literally just cut your own sim card down to size if you're careful (and brave!) or for either you can go to your network and ask them to swap your sim card for a micro/nano. Usually takes a couple of days as they have to order them.

BertieBotts Wed 03-Apr-13 19:00:05

BTW, photos aren't stored on the sim card. Might be best to try and get your data back another way - take all parts of the BB apart, cover off, sim card and memory cards out, battery out, put all parts into a cup of rice and leave it for 24-48 hours. Then try connecting it to the computer and see if you can save/back up your data that way.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Wed 03-Apr-13 19:05:49

Your photos won't be on the SIM card they will either be stored in internal memory on the phone or on an SD card if you had one in the phone. If on the internal memory then you may struggle to recover those unless you can find a shop that can try for you.

In terms of moving on, I personally would get away from BB as they are going downhill fast. I'd recommend getting an Android phone as you have a massive range of options on handsets to suit your requirements (cost, screen size, memory, etc.) and all your contacts going forward will be stored in a Google account online so you'll never lose them again! You can also easily back up any photos you take to your Google account.

If you get an iPhone, you'll be locked into all Apple's stuff and won't have the freedom of choice on handsets. (plus the cost of the damn things is ridiculous when you actually look at what they offer)

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 19:08:53

What? If you cut the simcard will it still work???????
Can I buy 3GS iPhone brand new from the shop and use my bb's simcard than?
Last summer the same shit happened with my old bb, I just bought the current one, put discard in and all my photos were there.

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 19:12:45

I have a Samsung tablet and a MacBook, but I absolutely loathe choosing phones, I get overwhelmed like a kid in Harrods, that's why I never left bb and thought about the iPhone
But I'm open to suggestions

BertieBotts Wed 03-Apr-13 19:18:02

Yes as long as you don't cut the actual chip it will be fine.

I don't think they sell iPhone 3GSs new any more, but you might be able to get a second hand one.

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 22:54:55

I could hear people calling/texting me and also email alerts, so I took the battery, simcard and the other small card (clueless) and decided to dry the phone with my hair drier as obviously dh didn't dry it well enough (as soon as I rescued the phone I had to run as I was late and asked dh to dry it for me)
Phone now is working however is misbehaving
Checking my provider's website I see I am due to an upgrade so now I am choosing phones
Any suggestions please?
I like taking photos, browsing on the net and texting
Convince me to get a samsung....

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 22:55:34

Oh ad I will transfer my stuff to computer before phone gives up

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 22:58:48

Or convince me to get anything BUT an iPhone
or convince me to buy an iPhone anyway
in other words
choose a phone for me

imtheonlyone Wed 03-Apr-13 23:02:17

I have an iPhone 4S and I love it! DP has the 5 and he loves his too!! If you do opt for one you can buy cutting devices for chopping your sim to size! I don't think they're very expensive! Good luck! Fwiw I hate choosing phones too gringrinwink

BoringTheBuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 23:04:08

my sim is working now and the photos are back
I figure I can just transfer the photos to the computer and transfer my number to the iPhone than give my purple blackberry to my spoiled brat dear dd...

good idea?

Blu Wed 03-Apr-13 23:16:14

I changed from a BB to an iPhone and the helpful youth in the shop plugged it into something and sold me my new phone (£29) with it all loaded up with my contacts etc.

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 03-Apr-13 23:28:49

I have a Samsung s2 and v happy with it. The androids do all the things the iPhones do. What clinched it for me was asking why the iPhones went up so much in price, for each memory increase. The man at Vodafone said 'that's because it's got the apple logo on it'. I got the s2,and put the additional 16g memory card in that I had bought for my little htc, for about £6 from a amazon.

With apple you are locked in to products from their app store and they only make one phone. With android there are ooooodles of phones to choose from.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Thu 04-Apr-13 03:12:11

It's about future proofing. Everyone with BBs right now has a phone for which support is dropping and the company is going under rapidly. If that happens to Apple (and there's no reason to think it wouldn't) , it would actually be even worse than it is for BB users because the ecosystem is so tight.

Android, on the other hand, doesn't rely on one manufacturer, so Samsung could collapse, HTC could go under, etc. and the Android platform would survive.

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 08:35:21

Probably worth looking for a mobile deal where you also get online storage, so you can copy all the photos away (on home Wi-Fi not mobile network, unless you get an 'unlimited' data plan). That way this nightmare should not be repeated so easily...

You don't mention what network you use, or give any idea how much you spend, and those things might influence what the network will offer in the choice of phones.

Although my sister, her husband, and a number of friends have iPhones, and I'd very much like one, the cost would definitely put me off.

Android offers a very large range of phones from £50 to £500 (PAYG prices) and from maybe £10 to £30+ on 24 month contract for a new phone. At £25, you might get an older iPhone model or a new model but with a minutes/ texts/ data plan that means you end up paying lots more for going over the included allowances.

What model BB have you been using, please? Only asking so it is possible to find some phone choices where you can see it as an 'upgrade' rather than a cheaper phone that's not in the same league...

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 08:39:33

If you cut the simcard will it still work???????

There are some sellers on Ebay or Amazon for a suitable cutting device, I've seen mention on Hot UK Deals. Obviously a DIY job needs some care.

I've not needed to try this myself (my SIMs come as 'mini-SIM as standard, but have been marked and you can 'pop out' the 'micro-SIM' if needed)...

The latest nano-SIMs (for iPhone 5, and a few others) are best coming from the mobile network, however, rather than attempting to cut a SIM down to the right size.

Blu Thu 04-Apr-13 14:42:52

I like the 'Full Monty' deal with EE that is 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for £26 a month, iPhone4 for £29.

It's the data limits that scare me because I have no idea what the amounts add up to, for a little light MN-ing, for example. Unlimited data also useful for tethering.

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 16:28:19

I got the SIM Only (ie no phone included) version of that Full Monty deal when it was reduced to £16/month (and have been given £101 as cashback) so its effectively costing me under £8/month.

I've recently bought the Sony Xperia Tipo for £50 (a budget mobile running Android v4) and they provide 50 GB of online storage for free (offer to new users up to December this year, originally started this deal in 2011 or 2012), so can upload/backup a lot of items downloaded to the phone.

Your deal getting the iPhone v4 at £29/month looks pretty good, when one sees the price of almost any recent iPhone packages.

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 16:32:29

(NB unfortunately the SIM Only deal does not include Tethering but then again, for what I'm paying, I cannot complain too much !)

Blu Thu 04-Apr-13 17:27:34

The ohone was £29 and the package is £26pcm.
£16 is good! envy

But then I am impressed with lots of deals - just got a £5pcm for DS for 250mins, 2.5k texts and 500mb data, free calls to virgin mobiles or landlines, and free BB services. Just right for an 11 yo, and I could probably manage on that too. Except for the current tethering because between them EE and BT have cut off our broadband for over 2 weeks...

NetworkGuy Thu 04-Apr-13 17:28:59

Yuk (about having broadband cut off for 2 weeks - rotten for you - hope all fixed now) !

Blu Thu 04-Apr-13 18:02:29

Nope - not fixed at all.

We are trying to change from TalkTalk slow internet to whizzy fibreoptic Broadband on an EE contract. EE set up a day for BT to come and do whatever they need to do, they notified TalkTalk and cut off our old broadband, saying BT would come and connect us that day. DP took the day off work.....BT didn't turn up. This has happened THREE TIMES now. BT don't communicate with EE, or if they do they lie to EE, EE don't communicate with us... so we've cancelled the whole thing and are going back to TalkTalk while we decide what to do next.

Sorry - boring tale, but be warned!

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