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New Mobile with free Tablet or purchase Tablet separately?

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smokinaces Tue 02-Apr-13 19:12:57

I am with vodafone, have been for a few years. signal is terrible, am tied in till June/July earliest. Have got lowest tariff of £15 a month, which I got after badgering them on the phone just now.

Looking at my bills I use around 200-220mb of data a month (heavy wireless user) around 80 minutes and a hell of a lot of texts.

My network coverage is awful. At work, at home, at parents, at boyfriends. All other people on O2 seem to have good or ok coverage when mine is non existant. So am thinking of changing over.

Now is my question. I have also been looking at purchasing a 7inch tablet for home use, instead of using my small screened mobile (I like titchy phones, think HTC wildfire as they fit in my pocket etc) My limit was around £90 and I would have to pay in installmants I should imagine. (only 2 or 3, thinking catalogue deal)

Now having a nosey online, and found O2 for £14 a month - 100 minutes, 250mb of data and unlimited texts. Free Galaxy Ace. and Free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (quick google reveals its around £149 to buy)

Is it silly to sign up to this deal now? And run both contracts until I can give notice to Vodafone (lady on phone just now says notice can be given from 24th June, I have a feeling its actually 7th September so could be 2 months extra as I think the June is the early upgrade date not the cancellation date)

I know I would obviously lose my number (which is a bit of a shame, but I did it 4 years ago) but is it worth the extra money to get the tablet? I was paying £20 a month with vodafone until this negotiation, so really with their knock down to £15 I am only looking at an extra £9 a month.

Is it worth it, or are there better deals out there?

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Tue 02-Apr-13 19:37:14

You've clearly done the research on the cost so you should be able to work out if the deal's a good one. You can keep your number by the way, you just need to get your PAC code romantic Vodafone and give it to the new network.

Usually the free tablet offers are basically there because you get a cheaper phone, so they can offer you more for your contract cost. If you do the maths of total contract cost over x months, plus up front cost vs cheaper tariff with the phone you want and buying the tablet separately you'll probably find they are fairly comparable.

smokinaces Tue 02-Apr-13 19:46:21

Vodafone said I would have to pay the outstanding contract upfront now to get my PAC, which is out of my price range. I only have a handful of friends with my number though tbh so its not a huge deal.

I wondered if I were missing something, as it does seem the best way of me doing things. It feels weird to buy a new phone with an existing contract I guess. But it would still be cheaper than buying a tablet separately even on 0% finance deals.

The Ace looks very very similar in spec to the wildfire, which I am more than happy with. And reviews online look good too. Is there any other kind of phone which is similar in size that I should be looking at? For a mobile for me, the size is a big thing as I need to be able to put it in a jeans pocket (iPhone is too big for instance)

smokinaces Tue 02-Apr-13 20:04:03

Ok, just noticed something with the Ace - internal storage is v. low. I use a SD in my wildfire and have only standard apps (along with natwest downloaded and myvodafone but nothing else) so would this be an issue? I mainly web browse, use FB and use text/camera (camera a lot) so would I come up against a storage issue from this do you think?

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Tue 02-Apr-13 23:08:15

You can use an SD card with the Ace as well.

NetworkGuy Wed 03-Apr-13 02:20:02

Sorry, you lost me when you wrote "and extra £9 a month"

Was the amount you're paying now just £5 (£5 + £9 = £14) or was the deal you found costing £24 so £15 + £9 = £24 ?

Being nosy, which firm was offering this ?

The Galaxy Ace has less RAM in it so might struggle if you have a few apps open. I've certainly had "low on storage" reports too, with mine, because it has a small capacity for holding any apps (150 MB, while my Sony Tipo has 750 MB, and more RAM too).

Unfortunately the Tipo has a lower resolution camera, and I've not seen a deal where you get a decent tablet, either, sorry.

smokinaces Wed 03-Apr-13 08:16:53

Sorry network guy. I meant I was paying twenty a month with Vodafone. They've just knocked it down to.fifteen. this deal is fourteen a month. But if I take into account I am paying a fiver less for.Vodafone it means only an extra outgoing of nine pounds a month till I can cancel.Vodafone. is that a bit clearer?!

I don't think the app thing will bother me if I have a tablet, as obviously I can put all my apps on that.

TheFallenNinja Wed 03-Apr-13 09:17:33

In current times I would incline to buy outright, it removes another monthly commitment.

smokinaces Wed 03-Apr-13 09:33:47

But I would be paying a monthly mobile contract anyway I guess. Ah decisions.

NetworkGuy Wed 03-Apr-13 18:45:54

Ah, yes, 14 - 5 = 9... point taken. Yes, understood on the Apps going on tablet rather than phone.

Up to a point, have to say I'd agree on buying outright, but if this deal appeals (and I really would appreciate knowing where from), the yes, go for it.

The camera on the Ace seems fairly good. I do like the size of the screen too, while I must admit my latest addition, the Sony Xperia Tipo is nice (and only cost 50 quid, but was a refurbished job, and now I see T-Mobile is flogging them at the same price but brand new with 12 month warranty where I have only 3 month warranty). Someone else ordered their Tipo from Tesco Mobile (their choice of network anyway, and new phone at a reasonable price)...

However, none of those deals included a nice tablet as well... and 14 quid seems a pretty good price considering the hardware that's included (and network usage is therefore at something of a discount... seems like the ideal package to get for a teenager (phone with plenty of texts and tablet for home use, so long as one can persuade them not to touch 'voting' lines, premium services, or YouTube via the mobile network rather than home broadband).

smokinaces Wed 03-Apr-13 20:06:09

Saw the Sony xperia, but it was either the camera or the storage that put me off, can't remember which.

Found another at seventeen pounds, this time with a lumia which looks like a better phone, and a cheaper tablet. But out of stock. So might wait a wee while, as thinking I might prefer the cheaper tablet but better phone.

All these I find are through carphone warehouse btw.

NetworkGuy Wed 03-Apr-13 21:02:46

Yes, it would have been the camera at 3.15 Mp on the Xperia. I think that if your data allowance when mobile is limited (and you are more likely to use the phone for voice and text, and the tablet for internet) then getting a higher value tablet out of the deal (rather than a great phone but stuck with a low data allowance so unable to use it that much) would be the way to go... and why spend an extra £3 x 24 (£72) for a not-so-good tablet ?

Just my 2p (and thanks for mentioning CPW).

smokinaces Wed 03-Apr-13 21:44:12

But on the other hand, with a better phone I would have the capacity when my old contract is up, to up my plan so I have more mobile allowance, if I do miss it.

It's a decision, which when I'm looking at two year sign up, I have to look at I guess.

I'm also aware my kids will use the tablet so don't want anything too expensive. this is still a 7" WiFi with 8gb, just not the Samsung name.

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