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Tablet for 11 year old ds

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Ruprekt Sun 31-Mar-13 20:01:53

I have an ipad which the boys want to use all the time!!

Ds 1 has decided to save up for his own tablet but which would be best?

Not sure he can ever afford an ipad but he really wants to play minecraft and play games.....smile

Any suggestions?

AfricanExport Sun 31-Mar-13 20:10:01

My ds has a Nexus and loves it. Is very responsive an decent quality and a lot cheaper.

NetworkGuy Mon 01-Apr-13 12:33:17


may be worth a look... Kogan is an Australian firm but sells TVs over here (for 2-3 years only on Ebay and Amazon but now also via www.kogan.co.uk)

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