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Fax number needed

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prettybird Sat 30-Mar-13 13:50:05

For an obscure reason, I need access to a fax number that I can give out.

I know that there are "fax to email" services available (I used to have a "fax number" in my old job, to which people could send me faxes that would arrive as an email): can anyone recommend one?

Ideally, I don't want to have to pay for it, as it is only likely to be used a couple of times - but I don't know the time frame over which it will be required.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Sat 30-Mar-13 14:30:19

Is it REALLY necessary? Don't know if you can say why, but there's not many excuses for using faxes any more. Surely there's another option?

prettybird Sat 30-Mar-13 14:50:24

Dh and I are currently working from home. We need a fax number in order for legal notices to be sent (for a Non Disclosure Agreement).

The other organisation is abroad and it would take too long for things to be posted.

NetworkGuy Sat 30-Mar-13 15:52:25

You might try asking your local Library or any small business that does photo copying... they may charge a pound a page (or something ridiculous) but I assume the reason for the NDA will involve a financial benefit and is just part of the cost (or go down to PC World / Staples and see whether they have any All-In-One printers which include Fax facility... HP Officejet 6700 at about 90 quid has Fax capability, but there may be cheaper, and even a Fax machine might be as low as £45). It's a business cost.

On Ebay there's a Brother Fax-T96 at £12.99 + £5 postage by the way...

NetworkGuy Sat 30-Mar-13 15:54:44

(The Ebay cost is a Buy It Now (BIN) price, but if someone places a bid at 3.99 the BIN price will disappear and it could go much higher - has two rolls of paper costing more than the cost+delivery at the BIN price.)

MrAnchovy Sat 30-Mar-13 22:27:11

I use Soho66 - £2 a month inbound, PAYG outbound, works perfectly.

MrAnchovy Sat 30-Mar-13 22:29:33

Or you could agree an amendment to the NDA to allow notification by email.

AgentProvocateur Sat 30-Mar-13 22:37:37

Ask them to scan, then email as a PDF (with security signature). Print off, sign, scan and return.

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