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Anyone with a Nokia Lumia 800: how do I get music on it ? What is Zune ?

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Demolicious Thu 28-Mar-13 12:12:17

We have a windows phone Nokia Lumia 800 but don't know how to get music from itunes onto it ? I have seen Zune mentioned on other posts here but not sure how to get anything from there as you need points which are apparently going to disappear this year. Can anyone help ?

NetworkGuy Mon 01-Apr-13 11:34:49

Don't have that Nokia mobile myself, but from > this page < can see that Zune is some software for Windows which allows the Phone to sync with what's know by Zune on the PC (eg music tracks).

iTunes (I believe) saves downloads as MP3s in a hidden directory / folder so you may need to hunt around to locate music files (I don't use iTunes on Windows, so am a bit stuck in terms of advice right now).

However, to test out Zune and being able to transfer music in the meantime, you could "rip" some tracks from a music CD { see the instructions > here < } and save the files in a folder on your PC, then use Zune to transfer them to the mobile.

A lot depends on how familiar you are with creating folders { directories } on your PC as to how you decide to store music on it (I don't want to cover ground you already know, if you're happy with creating empty folders for yourself).

Hopefully someone can come along and explain how to get music you have obtained with iTunes onto your Nokia. I'll certainly look in on the thread whenever I can...

EasyFromNowOn Tue 02-Apr-13 10:29:00

Zune is like iTunes, it's just software for organising your music/video files and linking to the Marketplace to buy stuff. It's quite simple to use, and it should prompt you to install it when you plug your phone into the computer.

The music you have on iTunes will be stored in the iTunes folder on your computer. If you don't know where that is, right click on any track in iTunes and choose 'Show in Windows Explorer'. This will give you the file location, which will be something like C:\Users\YourName\Music\iTunes\ArtistName, where YourName and Artist Name are specific to you/your computer.

If the music is already in the default Windows Music folder (C:\Users\YourName\Music), Zune will pick it up automatically once installed. If not, you can either move music to that folder, or change where you want the Zune software to look, in the 'Settings' once it is installed.

Points are just store credits, you buy points with your card, which you can then spend on items from the Zune Marketplace, which is a hangover from the Xbox system. I'm not surprised it's going away.

You don't have to buy from the Zune store, by the way - I prefer Amazon downloads, and just use Zune for managing stuff on and off the phone.

The Help section is actually pretty good - there's detailed answers with screenshots for most things, and there's also a lot of video walkthroughs on youtube.

EasyFromNowOn Tue 02-Apr-13 10:35:34

Forgot to add:
once you have the Zune software installed, click on 'Settings' at the top of the screen. You can then tweak just about anything you want to. The first page, which is listed as 'Collection' on the menu, covers which folder(s) the software checks for new content, so to change where to look at for new music, just click on the 'Add Folder' button and browse to where your music is. Repeat for videos etc. Remove any of the default folders you don't want it to manage.
To change what is copied to your phone, underneath the 'Settings' heading at the top of the page, click from 'Software' to 'Phone'. The first page is 'Sync Options' where you can either manage your stuff manually, select specific folders to sync or let Zune do what it wants, whichever you prefer.

Demolicious Mon 15-Apr-13 09:19:09

Thanks so much for that detailed info Easy/Network, I am going to give it a go today. Love Mumsnet...

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