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First Smart Phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace??

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SoggySummer Fri 22-Mar-13 14:08:15

My old ancient antique flip top motorola is dying.

Until now I only use my phone to call and text.

However, i would like to send emails, checkout and update my FB and perhaps use mumsnet from time to time (like when sat waiting for the DC to come out of school etc etc).

Lots of people have suggested someone with my limited techno knowledge and need will be more than happy with the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

I am a little worried about the touch screen texting but imagine I would get used to it. Other than that my daughter has a Samsung Chat (looks like blackberry) has proper buttons but I am not sure this will let me do what I want and the camera is particuarly pants on that.

I am a real mobile phone technophobe. I will be on PAYG (probably Tesco) I will not even contemplate contract at the mo.

I only want to spend a max of about £100 on a phone. Any advice or suggestions welcome.

nannynick Fri 22-Mar-13 19:30:35

I have the Galaxy Ace and I would say that if you afford it, aim to get something better. The trouble with the Galaxy Ace is that it does not have much internal memory and that restricts apps - many apps can not be installed to SDmemorycard and even those that do install there for some reason still take up phone memory as well. As long as you do not want many apps, it is fine. However once you get into downloading apps, it is a shame when you realise that you have no more space left to install them.

I was anti touch screen texting as well, I had Nokia phones in the past which used keypad / keyboard. However once I disabled the swipe letters thingy, I have found touch screens fine for composing short things. I am using a touch screen to compose this, not that easy but certainly possible to write a few paragraphs.

Consider what your data usage is likely to be, will PAYG give you enough data at a reasonable price. I have a phone on contract from 3, no cost for the handset, £13 a month for unlimited mobile data (does not permit connecting phone to computer) 3000 texts 75 mins calls.

smaths Fri 22-Mar-13 19:48:07

My DH has the galaxy ace and even though he's a complete technophobe and has only installed about 4 apps on it, it still flags up warnings every couple of days that the internal memory is running low. I would avoid it - it really detracts from the usefulness of the phone and most of the apps can't be transferred to the SD card as nannynick says.

nannynick Fri 22-Mar-13 21:35:10

smaths - History Eraser app is handy for clearing out some of the memory, such as the Apps Cache. Just run it on mine and it's cleared 6.7MB... and as your DH will know, every MB counts!

NetworkGuy Sat 23-Mar-13 01:13:26

I have the Ace (and Galaxy Mini, Europa, and a Huawei Blaze, and at least 1 other Android mobile) and in many cases the memory (either RAM or internal storage) can appear low (doesn't help that I have up to 5 GMail accounts on some of them).

Depending on your need for a camera, I'd certainly recommend looking at the Sony Xperia Tipo (which I've seen on PAYG at around 80 pounds) which is running Android v4 and while it doesn't have a 5 Mpx camera (3.2 from memory, but it's late!) it does use microSD for external storage (unlike some Sony mobiles using M2 memory, which was generally more costly, and microSD is very widely used so prices are dropping as time goes on).

NetworkGuy Sat 23-Mar-13 01:39:09

In some other thread not too long ago, someone had used to do a comparison. I've just used it this morning and the link > compares Galaxy Ace with Xperia Tipo <

I know you don't want to consider a contract, but I think you might find GiffGaff offers better value, as one of their tariffs at about 12 pounds a month includes "unlimited" data - they probably have a policy to stop people using 50+ GB a month, but they had to increase the charge from a tenner because at that price they were unable to make a profit.

It would probably be much better than any PAYG deal (they are a massive rip-off in my view, when I see things like 25 MB allowed per day for 30p or whatever)... I used 50 MB in half a hour the other day demonstrating some of the apps to a friend! (I'm on an unlimited minutes / texts / data deal with T-Mobile for 16 quid a month.)

There's a great app called "3D Watchdog" (possibly mentioned by Nick in an earlier thread) which would help you monitor how much data you used - at home use home broadband wi-fi, of course - and if you chose to have a GiffGaff "1 GB" deal then the watchdog can warn you you are close to your limit and even stop all internet data at some setting of your choice (eg 75%, in case someone else in the house had put it onto a live video stream or had used TV Catchup to watch a TV show!)

NetworkGuy Sat 23-Mar-13 02:02:01

There's another site which also can do comparisons, but has a 'phone finder' section and I used that for > shortlisting < phones...

> My shortlist < includes phones that
have QWERTY keyboard
have 3.5mm audio socket
accept microSD storage cards
have 3 MP {or better} camera
have FM radio
have WLAN (Wi-Fi)

There are 26 listed (you may get more or less depending on your choices).

Quite a number are similar to the Samsung Chat / Alcatel models with QWERTY and I think that I'd miss the screen size in those cases, because a larger screen is easier for both viewing text and when you are trying to 'click' the right spot on a web page!

There are probably none under 100 quid though some might be coming down these days as newer models are out every few weeks from the main manufacturers.

I excluded the need for a radio, as that was one of my 'wishes' and not truly needed, > and there were 34 results <

There are probably a few in the mix which aren't likely to be imported to the UK, but at least you can do a few searches on a site like Carphone Warehouse to see if they carry any you like the look of (just don't blame me if they cost the earth!)

NetworkGuy Sat 23-Mar-13 15:29:45

Just saw that Asda has the Tipo on O2 for 85 pounds and there's a 10% discount on it... T+C for the offer are:

- 10% off the current lowest marked price.
- Discount automatically applied when item is added to basket.
- Offer not applicable on Landline Telephones & Accessories.
- Offer not applicable on pre-order items.
- Subject to availability.
- Offer available for a limited time only.

Asda has a range of mobiles, here but their site doesn't allow you to filter by Android, Apple, or Windows, unfortunately.

NetworkGuy Wed 27-Mar-13 08:00:34

Still there, SoggySummer ? Or did my attempt at a short story frighten you away ?

Anyway, just to report on the Sony Xperia Tipo - I bought a refurbished one from O2 (for 49.99) on Sunday and it arrived late morning yesterday.

Have been trying it out and have to say it generally knocks spots off the Galaxy Ace - fast and more responsive to finger touches, more memory, and while it has a slightly smaller screen I didn't think it significant.

Camera is only 3.2 Mp on the Tipo vs 5 Mp on the Ace, but I've not put it through its paces really, and it may be snowing again today so might not have ideal conditions to compare the two. However, on the basis of my initial use, I'd urge you to consider the more modern Tipo.

See > Tipo vs Ace < comparison page for more detailed rundown.

NetworkGuy Wed 27-Mar-13 08:17:42,default,sc.html

for the range of PAYG mobiles from Asda Tipo at £85 and still has 10% reduction available.

As it's on O2, it will take a Tesco Mobile SIM card.

I know it may look like I work for Sony but in all honesty in the past I'd have ignored their phones because of specific design ideas tying user to get Sony accessories (charger, extra storage using M2 card not microSD, etc) but I'm just comparing it with the Galaxy Ace and while that's a nice enough phone it does have some limitations.

Just looked on Tipo after installing some Apps and it says

' 236 MB used . . . . . . . . . . . . 518 MB free '

in stark contrast to my Samsung Ace, Europa and Mini which have a symbol on the top 'status bar' indicating space is low (and sometimes stops me from installing updates unless I delete something else).

It's refreshing to see the Tipo has bags to spare!

(and the softer 'feel' of the Tipo case is appealing, too)

NetworkGuy Wed 27-Mar-13 12:32:31

sorry - should have had a new line between

from Asda


Tipo at £85

'Tipo' is a link to the Asda Direct page where it says 10% off. or key it in,default,pd.html?cgid=40320


Just back from the local O2 Store and found that a new Tipo is 79.99 plus a top-up, so the Asda 77.50 price with free delivery to a local Asda seems fine (I didn't see any notes requiring a top-up, so hope that's not forced on you).

willyoulistentome Wed 27-Mar-13 12:34:43

I went for a Samsung Galaxy S3. Miles cheaper on contract than iphone5, and I LOVE it.

NetworkGuy Wed 27-Mar-13 13:05:18

but OP has no plans to go on contract, and I don't think you'd get an S III for under £100 until the S VI or S VII are out !


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