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Registry Mechanic - how to get rid of it

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NetworkGuy Tue 12-Mar-13 22:20:33

I had some bit of Norton pop up in the last 48 hours on one of my systems, out of the blue (it is an Acer nettop machine [about 7 nches square and maybe an inch in thickness, with no CD/DVD drive] that I bought second hand on Ebay so no knowing what else might be installed).

Hopefully if you just use the uninstall on the control panel you'll be rid of it.

Just for info, I did a search for "remove Registry Mechanic" and saw a dozen or more web pages, and when I saw it could be removed via the control panel, felt it was worth asking if you'd tried to uninstall it before going any further.

Rezolution Tue 12-Mar-13 15:28:35

Thanks Network Guy
We are on Windows Vista and I had a quick look on control panel.
It says PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.0 was installed on 17/02/2012.
I may have clicked on it when it popped up some time by mistake and installed it? The computer was new in 2010 and we are with Norton security and we have paid our subscription.

NetworkGuy Tue 12-Mar-13 14:28:12

Have you already tried the standard method for uninstalling, via the Control Panel ? If you need help, it would be handy to know what version of Windows you are using (in case thee are different options / menus shown), and also what vesion of Registry Mechanic (and/or PC Tools) you are running.

Rezolution Tue 12-Mar-13 10:52:01

We are fed up with a thing called Registry Mechanic which pops up in the middle of a piece of work. When we click on the top right hand corner to delete it we lose whatever we are working on and go back to desktop. Then we have to go back to the start of our piece of work.Any help would be much appreciated.

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