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spongebobmum Sun 24-Mar-13 12:06:12

Thanks so much for the replies, well I was hoping to stick close enough to the 300 mark (euros)... There are a few out there around that so I just need to take the plunge... Its a lot of money for me to spend one something non-essential hence waiting so long and being v v hesitant, considering I have no Idea about IT at all really!
Exactly networkguy, I was thinking the same that its worth the extra for a new one, I dont think its worth the risk of getting one 2nd hand seeing as if anything went wrong I dont have the know how to fix it myself.
Thanks cruelandunusual, Ill have a proper look at those today smile
Tarriffhound Thanks for that, good advice and its something that sounds v helpful seeing as Im completely clueless at the moment!
Ill let ye know what I end up going for, hopefully v soon lol

TariffHound Mon 11-Mar-13 15:39:34

Ditto Network Guy's point on buying from John Lewis - they offer a 2 year guarantee of laptops (3 years for Apple laptops) and provide great after sales support.

Another tip would be to spend £1 and sign up to Which? magazine's website for a day - they do a comprehensive review of laptops including Best Buy recommendations which should arm you with all the information you need before you go to the store to choose your laptop.

Any of these would be good enough.

NetworkGuy Sun 10-Mar-13 18:39:04

How much is 'too much' ? There was a thread within the last 2-4 weeks where someone listed about 4 laptops each with 6 GB RAM and between about 300 and 350 pounds (299 to 329, perhaps... I then found some other closer to 350). Given the second hand prices I've seen in CashGenerator and similar (250 quid for a laptop with only 2 GB RAM), then the extra and warranty would make 50-100 worth the cash in my view for peace of mind and a faster, smoother, usable machine. Remember John Lewis often does a 2 year guarantee, and may price-match.

spongebobmum Sun 10-Mar-13 10:05:59

Im finally going to treat myself to a new laptop, Ive been talking about it for nearly 2 years now as the one I have is on serious last legs lol!!
Can anyone recommend a good, basic enough laptop... I dont want to spend too much as I only really use it to go on here and fb, internet banking etc, and would want skype too... Im clueless!!!
Thanks for any help smile

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