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Help, anyone use bt yahoo, locked out security message, is this normal?

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LunarSea Sat 09-Mar-13 11:16:16

Lots of discussion about this on the BT BT discussion boards

thereinmadnesslies Fri 08-Mar-13 21:06:11

My BT yahoo email got hacked last week angry

Meglet Fri 08-Mar-13 20:36:46

I had some spam sent out from one of my yahoo e-mail accounts last night.

So, after consulting MN, I sat down and changed all my e-mail account passwords. All changes were accepted and confirmed via e-mail then when I went to log in with the new password it wouldn't let me.

I've done one of those weird 'code' boxes to reactivate it but it said it could take up to 24hrs.

EverybodysSootyEyed Fri 08-Mar-13 20:31:20

Yahoo have been hit by hackers this week. A lot of spam being sent using people's address books. This could be part of that.

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Mar-13 20:21:04

Thank you, it was fine this morning, less than 24 hrs for the lock out, very strange but resolved.

Chanatan Thu 07-Mar-13 20:45:15

Have a look at this, on this page there is an account sign-in trouble shooting wizard,may be worth a try.

StillSlightlyCrumpled Thu 07-Mar-13 20:38:55

Well I don't know it's most wierd! I just get an account alert message with a link to change password, but am unable to go any further. Am trying the online chat support, only 157 in the queue!

MiniTheMinx Thu 07-Mar-13 20:05:56

Hi StillSlightlyCrumpled

Its really odd, never happened before. Just got DH to log into his email account, his was fine. So Bt yahoo running fine and no security alert on main account which is his. When I went to the "change password" page as directed, it loads up really slow and address looks odd, so haven't chanced it.

StillSlightlyCrumpled Thu 07-Mar-13 20:02:17

Hi mini am having the same thing. Have tried logging in via safari rather than the automatic email app & it said change password, when I clicked it however it said that it wasn't a secure site. Am confused!

MiniTheMinx Thu 07-Mar-13 19:30:57

I have a business and my email account has been locked for 24 hours.

I was logged in but when I went back to that tab to read a new email I got a security message saying that some odd activity had occurred on my account. I am then taken to a page saying change log in details. It seems that someone has tried to get into the account and probably failed.

What can I do?

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