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using Hotmail (Microsoft's 'Outlook' mail service) from an iPad...

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NetworkGuy Fri 08-Mar-13 10:18:16

Thanks RB, for testing (had not seen you on here for a while!)

There's no problem about seeing each others messages - some of his are regarding the charity he helps, and many would reach both or be shared anyway, as they'd be silly jokes from friends (I'm really glad I don't have a circle of contacts constantly forwarding 5 jokes each every day!)...

Thanks also for using the Mail app. When I tried it, I could see references to 'edit' (to change settings, hopefully to swap details of whose account to view) but nothing seemed to be available to alter...

Point noted, Pedro.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Thu 07-Mar-13 07:29:41

"IE that Microsoft might have fudged it so Safari is the one browser not doing something, just to be awkward."

Nope, it's far more likely that it's Safari which isn't compatible than the other way around. Apple aid is infamous for not working with the rest of the world. It's their way of making sure you get stuck in their infrastructure.

RustyBear Wed 06-Mar-13 22:00:41

Of course, that does mean that husband and wife can see each others emails - not sure there's a way to make it ask for the password before opening the inbox.

RustyBear Wed 06-Mar-13 21:55:37

And I just tried adding the Hotmail account to the Mail app -Settings-Mail,Contacts,Calendars. Choose hotmail from the menu. I just had to put in my hotmail address and password and I immediately had 64 unopened items of crap in my inbox...

I will be deleting it ASAP.

RustyBear Wed 06-Mar-13 21:49:05

Just tried it (I hardly ever use my Hotmail, even on a pc, let alone on the iPad)
There's an envelope icon with a green + on it at the top of the page, right hand side, just under where it says menu. Tap that and you get the compose mail screen.

NetworkGuy Wed 06-Mar-13 11:33:01

Just curious if others using an iPad have any problem sending mail if using the Safari web browser ?

A friend and her husband have an iPad. The e-mail app is set up with her details (out of interest, how can the settings be changed, it certainly wasn't obvious to me, for example to swap to have husband's login details in mail?) and can send mail, but when her husband tries, using the browser, there are ways to look at mail messages and reply, but no apparent way to create a new message...

I'm just a bystander, with no iPad to use to compare with... and wondering if a different browser might help them! (IE that Microsoft might have fudged it so Safari is the one browser not doing something, just to be awkward.)

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