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HMRC basic PAYE tools - technical dept are too slow

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bacon Wed 06-Mar-13 11:20:28

I cant believe the technical dept at HMRC are still reading my log for a fault on my PAYE that I sent last week. Its gone weird, its lost all data including employees and the logo keeps loading. This was last week and still waiting for them to ring me.

I'm no expert but if its been backed up why cant they delete the file and reload with backed up data???

Surely this is simple and someone on here can help me? Apparently technical give no time frame so according to them I could be waiting till after new financial year????

LunaticFringe Wed 06-Mar-13 11:23:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NetworkGuy Wed 06-Mar-13 12:04:45

But HMRC is not just like other public sector - they can dish out major penalties and make individuals bankrupt - and do. For bacon it might be worth visiting a tax office, if there is one near you, so you have a record of trying to force progress and have a way to appeal, if something nasty happens.

(I've no idea about what you're doing on their service, but if they can make someone bankrupt and you're dealing with details for a number of employees, I bet they can make it costly for you, on grounds of you not submitting info on time!).

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