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Can't send email from ipad on home wifi

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vole3 Wed 06-Mar-13 09:41:45

Can only receive mail on ipad, can send / receive on iphone for same account.

iPad running latest iOs
Has been restarted
Connecting to internet without problem
Wifi has been turned off / on
Mail account has been deleted / reinstalled
Outgoing ports have been changed and changed back
Have altered push settings so not accessing simultaneously and getting a lock out


Sassparilla Wed 06-Mar-13 09:49:28

It may be something to do with your mail server not recognising your outgoing settings due to your internet provider. I know with mine, when I at home my outgoing server setting is linked to our Orange account but when I am away from home I change it to my mail sever setting.

Hope that makes sense!!!

NetworkGuy Wed 06-Mar-13 11:27:55

What ISP, what Mail service (Google, Hotmail, ?) info might help...

vole3 Wed 06-Mar-13 19:37:12

BT broadband and email hosted by 1and1

NetworkGuy Fri 08-Mar-13 10:33:55

Can you try using the iPhone at home on Wi-Fi to see if the BT Broadband connection is 'filtering' what goes out? Orange home broadband (and previously Wanadoo and Freeserve) used to silently catch anything going on port 25 (SMTP - outbound e-mail) and use one of their own servers, so they had a log of what was going out (and could block spammers)... I was lucky - I was using FastMail and they allow port 80 and other ports to be used for e-mail so the block could be avoided. I assume you are using port 25 (or have you instructions to set a different port for 1and1) ?

Freeserve would also quietly dump anything in their own 'bit bucket' if you sent to more than about a dozen mail addresses (no error messages back to sender, they just didn't send anything at all). Great to stop a spammer sending to 50 users at a time, but it also mucks up a party/wedding invitation sent to 20, 30, 40 mail addresses, and sender knows nothing about it having been thrown away.

If you can send from the iPhone but not the iPad, you might need someone near you to take a look, or someone on here more familiar with iPhone/iPad (I have neither) to check settings with you.

NetworkGuy Fri 08-Mar-13 10:37:19

Some hosting firms recommend using your own ISP for outgoing mail so you don't run into this sort of problem (but then, some ISPs block use of alternative mail addresses, such as you may wish to use if you have your own domain, in case it is a spammer). So even if the connection to an ISP mail server works, there's not a cast iron guarantee outgoing mail will be sent even if you have to authenticate to gain access... they can throw it away if the 'From' address doesn't match the ISP domain name used for customers...

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