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Uploading photos from Mac/Iphone to FB groups (not my own profile)

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I have been trying to upload a photo directly to a FB buying and selling group rather than into my timeline. This is from either my Iphone or Iphoto, I normally push the photos from these two sources into FB without problems, but they go straight onto the timeline and I want to avoid that this time.

If I try and upload into the group from within FB, ie go to the group page and click on upload photo, it allows me to navigate and find the Iphoto folder, but the folder doesn't appear as a folder but as a single item, if you click or double click on it it tries to upload the entire contents of Iphoto. Has anyone got any suggestions? It also doesn't seen to see my (connected) phone in the list of devices going via that route.

It's OK now, I have managed it. Had to scroll down LHS and go via Photos.

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