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Please don't laugh but.....

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LittleTyga Sun 03-Feb-13 21:48:19

I have a query which some may find obvious but I am confused! I have been with Plusnet for years supplying my BB to my home laptop. I recently bought a new mobile - on 3 - when friendly assistant was explaining all to me he said my mobile was a router to which I could connect my Tablet.

So far so good - my question is 'Do I still need Plusnet?' Surely I can now run my Tablet and Latop from my mobile? And if I use the Mobile will that interfere with WiFi connection?

NetworkGuy Tue 05-Feb-13 05:30:55

Oh yes - when I have wanted to make a lengthy landline call, or calling abroad, I use > < (1p/min to USA, low to other popular destinations, and only 5p per call to 01/02/03 landline, whether it lasts 5 minutes or 10 hours, and no need to hang up and redial).

LittleTyga Tue 05-Feb-13 12:37:20

Thank you NetworkGuy. I have to get on and do some work so can't go in to detail now but I will come back later tonight and have a good read through.

I have a BT Basic account - my last quarter bill was £15 - only use it as you say for 0800 and broadband. I'm still on £10.99 PlusNet have not reduced my payment and I've given them referrals! Will be talking to them about that - anyway gotta go, thank you.

NetworkGuy Tue 05-Feb-13 14:07:49

No prob. Just about to have some breakfast (!)

Don't switch to unlimited at 9.99 unless you plan to stay for another year. I should have mentioned it earlier but it had been a long night on the net and I was close to bedtime...

I know that you're paying a pretty high cost (but that's 'cos you chose an iPhone, rather than a 13/16/18 quid deal with some other phone, and the One Plan starts at 25 pounds anyway... don't think it is that high, my ex-neighbour on O2 with an iPhone from early 2012 was paying 45 to 50 before she dialled any chargeable calls like directory enquiries {hellish expensive from a mobile and I'd always try the BT website first, or a search engine for a business!})

Also there's the issue of insurance. If using a phone costing 50-150 quid, it's cheap enough to buy a replacement rather than be hit a fiver or more a month for 2 years, whereas a top end phone is more attractive for theft and costs far more to replace, another reason for some mobile contracts being far more costly than others. I've 'cheap and cheerful' phones (lots of them though!)

I know I would not expect mobile broadband (via a phone) to work well enough as a replacement for using a landline. It will mean needing to keep your phone on charge a lot more (I suspect) because using it for tethering it is transmitting a mobile signal as well as a local wi-fi signal for your laptop (and perhaps a bluetooth signal if you are using that). I 'shared' my USB dongle using a desktop (powered) unit from Three so I could access it from in the house, and while that was OK for a short YouTube clip, I know it would have been quite hot (and possibly have paused with 'buffering' a few times if I had tried to watch something using iPlayer. I could probably have downloaded OK, but it wasn't an unlimited a/c... 'generous' at 15 GB {seeing as it was only 8 quid a month, and on many networks it costs a tenner for 1 or 2 GB and they don't even offer 15 GB} but I used that and 60+++ GB via PlusNet (except when moving home and then the mobile facility was ideal before the phone line was set up with Primus and broadband reinstated from PlusNet).

Admittedly I typically download a lot more (20-30 GB then, 50-60 GB a week now) but my sister was without any signal from Three for a couple of days (Friday, Saturday, I think) so no mobile, no internet, if she had been using only Three. Sister is down near Brighton, so hardly "in the middle of nowhere" smile

LittleTyga Wed 06-Feb-13 12:39:28

Well I tried to watch something on iplayer last night and halfway through a message popped telling me I had insufficient bandwidth - whatever that means - something to do with all those GB's you mentioned NetworkGuy?

So better stick with PlusNet and BT for another while! Thank you all for your advice and opinions. I'll call PlusNet see if I can beg a new router smile

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