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Do Galaxy s3 phones talk to macbooks ok?

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prism Mon 04-Feb-13 17:29:04

You just install a thing called Android File Transfer and it's a doddle. I have hundreds of Macs but would not be without my S3- I love it.

ogredownstairs Sun 03-Feb-13 12:17:25

Am a Mac and iPhone user but ds has a Samsung Galaxy as it was on offer; we've never been able to do anything with it and the mac. I'm not very techie though so watching with interest in case anyone knows how!

My beloved but elderly iphone 3gs is falling apart (literally..another bit cracked off this morning) and I am dithering between the iphone 5 and the Galaxy s3. I love the look of the s3 but we are a mac household and I have heard that it is difficult to use the galaxy with macs because they don't show up as a disk drive?

How do you get music/pics on them?

Also as as a mac user I am simply not familiar with other operating systems's years since I touched a Windows machine, never used Android either. I'm not an Apple fan boy by any means..and I am not overly keen on the iphone 5 but I need to be able to transfer stuff without a major headachesmile

So.. if I make the switch will I manage?!

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