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Cannot connect to Internet

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IWantWine Thu 31-Jan-13 14:57:30

At home on either Firefox or IE pn my p.c. Nor via Safari on my phone but my phone can connect in the road outside home.

Never had this happen before sad.

Anyone have any idea why?

Looks like I will be spending my evening MN'ing outside the neighbours!!!!

NetworkGuy Wed 06-Feb-13 00:20:30

Yes, I will stick with them, though I do also comment on how annoying this is.

Have recently switched to their unlimited (non fibre account) but if I can tempt say 20 new customers to them, the referral commission will cover my monthly charge and end up paying out a few quid a month to my bank account.

Up to about a year ago the fact others had joined saved me around £400 in total. I had planned to get a website online when I had fibre installed, to promote PN, but now plan to print a few posters saying "<town name> Broadband... take a look at how you can save cash and get higher speed on www.<town>"

Since it doesn't go live here until May I've plenty of time to get the text and graphics done, in parallel with a general one (

If 1000 people signed up, I think I'd be comfy on the income smile

wordyBird Wed 06-Feb-13 19:38:49 that's what I call a creative solution wink

NetworkGuy Thu 07-Feb-13 11:14:44

If I can get my broadband free, and have enough coming in to not need to work too hard any more, I'll be happier and actually feel that waiting for another 10+ years to get a pension won't be too bad ... can put more effort into losing 4+ stone, as it would be nothing like a 'real' job !

Sorry, rambling now. Hope the OP has chased TalkTalk for not warning them of possible switch, and giving them a chance to reject it. Now off to check whether OFCOM has any documents about 'slamming'.

It's a blinking cheek to think Sky would go ahead without needing proof of someone living there (such as taking a deposit using a debit or credit card valid at that house address, something the buyers would not have).

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