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damaged hard drive

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aladdinsane Sat 26-Jan-13 16:43:28

DS is getting a warning message popping up - it says something like warning the hard drive is damaged back up files
Is there any simple way it can be repaired and what needs backing up. Is is stuff he has put on himself or programmes like windows - bit useless here I know
I just want it to work OK with minimal effort
Also what would have caused the damage?
Thanks in advance

nannynick Sat 26-Jan-13 18:01:25

I would first wonder what it is that is making a popup message appear... what Operating System is it? What action does the popup message give, any at all?

May be worth doing a Virus Scan and Malware Scan just in case this popup message is not from the Operating System.

No repair... but sectors can be marked as not-in-use.
In the event of a major failure, the machine may not boot, resulting in no access to anything on the drive until the drive is removed and accessed using another computer.

Backing up important files is a useful thing to do and these days there are various ways of doing it:

Copy to CD-ROM
Copy to Cloud Storage (such as services like DropBox)
Copy to External HardDrive

Start by regularly backing up important data files, so things like documents, photos, music perhaps.

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